Andrew S. Holmes, MD


Andrew S. Holmes, MD

A graduate of Duke University, Dr. Holmes completed an orthopedic surgery residency at the Duke University Medical Center in North Carolina. He then went on to complete advanced fellowship training in total joint replacement surgery at the Anderson Orthopedic Research Institute. Dr. Holmes specializes in the comprehensive treatment of hip and knee arthritis, including joint preservation techniques, minimally invasive partial and total joint replacement, and complex revision total joint replacement. Dr. Holmes serves on the AAOS Adult Reconstruction Hip Program Committee, and he joins OrthoBethesda and the Washington Joint Institute at OrthoBethesda as an adult reconstruction orthopedic sub-specialist.


  • Treatment of hip and knee arthritis
  • Joint preservation
  • Minimally invasive partial and total joint replacement
  • Complex revision total joint replacement
  • Treatment of avascular necrosis


Andrew S. Holmes, MD

Duke University
Durham, NC


Thomas Jefferson University,
School of Medicine
Philadelphia, PA


Duke University Medical Center
Durham, NC


Anderson Orthopedic Research Institute
Alexandria, VA



Contact Details

Dr. Holmes holds clinic in both Arlington, VA and Bethesda, MD – please inform a representative when scheduling an appointment if you’d prefer a particular location.

You may contact him via email.

This e-mail account is checked and responded to by Dr. Holmes’ medical assistant, Monday through Friday during normal business hours. This email WILL NOT be checked during evenings, weekends or holidays. Messages can also be sent through our Patient Portal.

This e-mail is not intended for emergencies or time-sensitive issues. Your message will typically receive a response within 48 hours. We appreciate your patience.

Surgery Scheduling for Dr. Holmes: Contact Angeline Valencia – email or call (240) 395-1722.

Please note, if you have an urgent medical issue or other urgent matter please call the main office at (301) 530-1010. An on-call doctor is available at this number during evenings, weekends and holidays.

Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your care.

Hip Testimonial

I broke my hip in a fall, so when the ambulance rolled into Suburban Hospital I knew just about nothing concerning the world of hip transplants, except that friends of mine who’d had one had prepared long and meticulously before choosing one procedure over another, their doctors, rehab plans, etc. Mix that ignorance with excruciating pain and the urgent need for surgery, and you might…

- L.S. 09-04-2018

Hip Testimonial

Dr. Durbhakula performed my hip replacement surgery two weeks ago. After years of pain, stiffness decreased range of motion, and a limp, I sought his help several months prior. My situation was complicated by uneven leg length due to developmental hip dysplasia since childhood. Dr. D assessed my situation and explained clearly and in detail why a minimally invasive posterior procedure was the best and…

- K.C. 26-06-2018

Hip Testimonial

Dr. Durbhakula, On my left hip revision, your the best. You informed me of things that my previous doctor didn’t see, on the key issues I was having with my pain with my left hip. You explained everything very clearly so I could understand. Only being 7 years on the first surgery I knew something was not right. Thanks again see you in 2 weeks!!

- P.D. 02-09-2018

Knee Testimonial

Late last year, I was told I would need knee surgery. I visited Dr. O’Brien, and he examined the MRI and concluded that all I needed was PT. He was right! I had one steroid injection and PT and now walk 5 miles with no knee problems. THANK YOU for your good advice and a conservative approach. You are seriously good!

- R.E. 19-11-2018

Hip Testimonial

Dr. Holmes, I would like to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude for the outstanding and compassionate care you afforded me during my recent two hip replacements. Your exceptional talent as a surgeon help me tremendously, and it was a great comfort for me to have the confidence and trust in you to have back to back surgeries. I look forward to recommending your services…

- P. L. 19-09-2019

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