Our Board Certified Surgeons are fellowship-trained in orthopaedic trauma. We share facilities with the physicians of OrthoBethesda. Our practice is unique, however, in that we are exclusively focused on patients with traumatic injuries and complex reconstructive problems.

Trauma Doctors

Timothy Bhattacharyya, MD


Timothy Bhattacharyya, MD

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Robert R. Buber, MD


Robert R. Buber, MD

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What’s so special about OrthoTraumaBethesda?

While many physicians treat fractures, the Board Certified surgeons of OrthoTraumaBethesda have spent additional years devoted to training and research in the field of orthopaedic trauma. By focusing exclusively on patients with traumatic injuries and complex reconstructive problems, we are able to provide a level of quality and availability that we believe is higher than most. For example, many fractures can now be treated with smaller incisions with newer “locked plates.” We are able to bring this expertise and other new trauma technologies to provide the latest care to our patients. We have crafted evidence-based protocols to smooth the care of the injured patient.

Contact Us for Traumatic Injury Orthopedic Treatment

OrthoTraumaBethesda exclusively focuses on providing patients who have experienced traumatic injuries or experience complex reconstructive issues through quality orthopedic treatment. Contact us today or call us at (301) 530-1010 to make an appointment with us!

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