Patient Testimonials


Dr. O'Brien, Just a quick note to again thank you very much for the terrific surgery you performed on my back this past [month]. I feel confident that you have put me back on the road to good back health. I truly appreciate your time and effort and for your being able to do everything that you did for me.

-C. H. 1/27/20


Dr. Holmes, I would like to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude for the outstanding and compassionate care you afforded me during my recent two hip replacements. Your exceptional talent as a surgeon help me tremendously, and it was a great comfort for me to have the confidence and trust in you to have back to back surgeries. I look forward to recommending your services to anyone who may need to go through such a process. Your standards of excellence will be remembered for my lifetime. Thank you so much! Best to you always

-P. L. 9/19/19


Dr. O'Brien - I just returned from our family trip to Kenya...I wanted to personally thank you for making it possible for me to take this trip of a life time with my children and grandchildren. It was, at times, physically demanding with the very bumpy jeep rides—climbing up and down — and 16 hours of flying to and from Nairobi. My back was 100% fine the entire time. It really feels like a miracle that I could fully enjoy this experience and I am so grateful that your surgical skill allowed it all to happen. Five months ago I couldn’t walk without pain and now, I have my life back. Given my spine, I’m quite sure we’ll work together again. But for now, I’m back to my full life. Thank you so much.

-S. W. 8/28/19


Dr. Fisch, thank you for your understanding, yoru compassion, your sense of humor and for not giving up on me. I trust your abilities, your communication and for the many years now I trust in the confidence you instill in me. It all gives me strength to deal with "whatever" challenges I need to accept and accommodate in my life. I admit that presently they feel overwhelming but I know you will help me through "these issues" and to accept whatever I need to accept. As a doctor for me you have the right balance of skills blended with compassion and a sense of humor.

-M.W. 8/27/19

I broke my 5th metatarsal on a Monday night and woke up the next day and called OrthoBethesda for an appointment. Although Dr. Gazdag was fully booked for the day, he squeezed me in and told me to pass by in 45 minutes for an X-ray and evaluation. I thought that was pretty awesome! I am so impressed with Dr Gazdag. He has handled my care beautifully. It's been 6 weeks since the initial visit and I am healing up perfectly. He is an excellent and clear communicator with good sense of humor. He is also a good listener. As a side story, I had already booked a trip to Amsterdam, and was scheduled to leave 20 days after my injury. Obviously, I was reluctant to go with a broken foot. On the day before I left, he evaluated the foot and gave the ok to go. He even knew enough about Amsterdam to caution me about the ubiquitous cobblestones! I'm glad I went and followed his guidance. The foot held up well. Dr. Gazdag was correct in his assessment! The trip was fantastic and I would probably have cancelled if not for Dr. Gazdag's reassurance. My appointments were quick and efficient. He thoroughly answered my questions whenever I had any. I felt like I could express any concerns and his bed side manner was impeccable. Bottom line: Dr. Gazdag has skillfully guided me on the path to total recovery and I give him my highest recommendation. Go forward with confidence.

-P. M. 5/23/19


Service was great Zed is terrific PT. My second time using him.

-W. H. 4/8/19


Dr. Fisch, Where to even start? When I despairingly stumbled into your office on 11/19/18 for my initial appointment... my search for a doctor who actually listened to my symptoms and showed an interest in finding out the root cause of my neck, arm and hand pain was over! I was totally exasperatedly pushing through life with pain and this agonizing journey had been an exhausting and futile one. Dr. Fisch, thank you so much for taking care of me for so many months. I know I can be a pain in your neck at times with all my questions (every pun intended) but I appreciate the time you gave me. You never rushed me through your office to make another dime. If I needed to talk, then we talked. Thank you so much for just being there when I need you! I came to your office upon my daughter, N.A.'s request. Meeting you that first day was like being in the presence of the medicinal version of Mahatma Gandhi. You showed empathy towards me, and promised that together, we would find out what was going on with my DDD and get me back on track. Dr. Fisch, you are the most comprehensive healthcare provider I have ever been under the care of, and you took my neck/back concerns seriously. Just writing this note to thank you seems so trivial and inadequate, but none-the-less, I cannot shower you with enough gratitude for all that you have done, and continue to do for me. You are incredible at what you do, and I appreciate your care and expertise infinitely! I have never met a more intelligent and giving doctor than you! Thank you for being a good enough doctor to know how to treat me, making referrals for nerve conduction study, test for further assessment and made recommendations for PT. You definitely played a major role in improving the quality of my life dramatically after the above-mentioned counsels, medication and continued care. Dr. Fisch, you are truly a blessing in my life and I deeply appreciate your care and your knowledge more than you will ever know. You are a true superhero in my eyes! I would gladly recommend you to everyone! I feel that my pain is no longer going to restrict the development of my potential even at the tender age of 65!!! Thank you Dr. Fisch from the bottom and top of my heart!

-S. G. 2/14/19


I'm going to start by saying that Dr. O'Brien has given me my life back. I started having problems about 7 months ago. Initially it was back pain but it quickly progressed to horrible nerve, groin and buttock pain on the right side. I saw one neurosurgeon who suggested epidurals. 4 epidurals and one diagnostic block later, my symptoms were only getting worse. My husband and I knew surgery was needed so we started looking for doctors. I was suggested to go see Dr. O'Brien by someone and since we had already seen 4 docs I made the appt to see Dr. O'Brien at 5pm on my birthday. I figured that way my husband couldn't complain too much. Shortly after meeting Dr. O'Brien my husband and I looked at each other, both of us knowing that this was our doctor. I have never looked back. I had a minimally invasive triple fusion and laminectomy 6 weeks ago. Dr. O'Brien told me I would hate him for a week but after that I wouldn't. He was right but after that the pain wasn't even really bad. The hardest part of the recovery has been the no lifting, no twisting or bending, but that's for most back surgeries. At 6 weeks I can say my nerve pain is probably 95% better and Dr. O'Brien assures me it will go away. The numbness and tingling in my leg is completely gone. Not only is Dr. O'Brien a fantastic surgeon, he is a really nice guy. You never feel rushed and believe me, I went in with tons of questions written down today and he didn't hesitate to sit with us and answer them all. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HIM and God forbid I need any more spinal surgery, he would be my one and only choice.!

-M.B 1/9/19


Late last year, I was told I would need knee surgery. I visited Dr. O'Brien, and he examined the MRI and concluded that all I needed was PT. He was right! I had one steroid injection and PT and now walk 5 miles with no knee problems. THANK YOU for good advice and a conservative approach. You are seriously good!

-R.E 11/19/18


I would like to extend my compliments to the staff at Ortho Bethesda.
I am a patient of Dr. Bieber (have been for over 30 years...). at the end of June I fell on my right hand, and repeated it in a much more dramatic way at the end of July.
In both cases and with the guidance of Dr. Bieber I had the good fortune to be treated by the hand therapy department. I feel my good fortune is my personal OT, Ali Damico. Not only is Ali very knowledgeable, as I expected, she also shows much caring and dedicated, and much more. She shares a sense of humor and she shows personal attention to what my reports of my progress, needs or pains.
Whenever I walk in, I am greeted with a cheerful welcome by all the staff at the therapy department on the 5th floor. It is obvious that they share an amicable comradery between themselves and the good vibes between the therapists and support staff flows over to the patients. Every time I come in for therapy the atmosphere has a positive effect on, and I am sure on others, too.
In addition, Mayet is a magician at making sure the schedule process smooth and easy – and all with a smile. She knows the process, and every time I need to either make an appointment or change, she tries to accommodate my schedule as best as possible.
Please convey my compliments to all the staff on the fifth floor. The support, the smile and the welcome go a long way when you come in, usually with pains and concerns.

-R.E 9/15/18


Dr. O'Brien, Upon a short time ago, I realized that I did not give you a complete or accurate report of how I was feeling, because I had not stood up yet. Because I wad focused on that, the fact that i slept through the night without walking up with the stabbing pain on my spinal cord. I slept through the night for the first time in 3-4 years. When I got to my feet later, for the first time, the feeling of pins and needles, electrical shock and severe muscle strain did not present. I can also walk erect. I'll be singing your praises and sending all who have back or neck problems to you. If the hand and knee doctor(s) in your practice are as good as you, I'll be on to see them. God bless you, that brilliant mind of yours, your skilled hands and your awesome clinical and bedside manner.

-J.R 9/11/18


Dr. Durbhakula, On my left hip revision, your the best. You informed me on things that my previous doctor didn't see, on the key issues I was having with my pain with my left hip. You explained everything very clearly so I could understand. Only being 7 years on the first surgery I knew something was not right. Thanks again see you in 2 weeks!!

-P.D 9/2/18


All at OrthoBethesda have done a superb job and I have always been impressed with the fine staff and doctors! Drs. Fisch, Miller, and both Durhbakula brothers!

-C.B 8/30/18


Thank you. Every time I’ve needed anything from the whole OrthoBethesda group, it has been dealt with prompt and efficient help.

-L.A 8/16/18


Dr. Durbhakula performed my hip replacement surgery two weeks ago. After years of pain, stiffness, decreased range of motion and a limp, I sought his help several months prior. My situation was complicated by uneven leg length due to developmental hip dysplasia since childhood. Dr. D assessed my situation and explained clearly and in detail why a minimally invasive posterior procedure was the best and “safest” option for me. From the very beginning, Dr. D’s expertise as well as his attentive, caring manner inspired confidence and trust. I never doubted his ability to “fix” me. And he did! The surgery went smoothly. I went home the next day with less pain than before, my legs of equal length, and my hips aligned at last. It feels like a miracle.
Thank you, Dr. Durbhakula!

-K.C 6/26/18


After a very long, painful journey I was fortunate enough to have Dr. Joseph O’Brien perform a ACDF Level C5-6, C6-7 in February 2018 and Microdiscectomy Level 4/5 | May 31st.
He is an outstanding Spinal surgeon, the absolute best. His level of expertise demonstrates that he has spent years perfecting and researching this particular field.
He is compassionate and really cares about communicating with and helping his patients and their families. His Medical Assistant Ashley is extremely responsive along with OrthoBethesda staff. Thank you!

-R.P 6/22/18


I broke my hip in a fall, so when the ambulance rolled into Suburban Hospital I knew just about nothing concerning the world of hip transplants, except that friends of mine who’d had one had prepared long and meticulously before choosing one procedure over another, their doctors, rehab plans, etc. Mix that ignorance with excruciating pain and the urgent need for surgery, and you might think there’d be a disappointing outcome, but no, because Dr Bhattacharyya was there, met with me to discuss my lifestyle and preferences, operated the next morning, and–it turned out–made all the choices for me I would have made if I’d been in any position to do so. I’m a firm believer in “patient autonomy”, but that experience demonstrated the need for expert “physician paternalism” when it’s called for. Fast forward a number of months and I’m hiking and dancing again, and very grateful for an excellent and I-hear-you medical experience. (That said, communication, phoning the office with questions, and staffing complexity can be, well, time-consuming, frustrating and daunting, but at least I can do it while standing, pacing, or waltzing around in the kitchen)

-L.S 4/9/18


Somehow I had a weird fall in August, broke BOTH wrists, wondering how I would make it through. First of all, had a wonderful surgeon (Dr. Bieber) who put me back together. Then onto wonderful therapy (mainly with Jenna Neff) who made my recovery (along with great teammates (Michael and Daniella) so pleasant and easy–made my only 2 outings a week the best! The whole group, terrifically aided by my husband (foremost–should be canonized) and great friends and neighbors. Will miss this group, but NOT how I got there! Kudos to Bethesda Ortho–the best!


I have been a long time patient at your therapy office. In the recent past I have worked with Sylvia, who is great. This time due to my constrained time frame I could not work with her. So I was assigned to Emily. I should note that once I start with a therapist I insist on staying with that person. Emily indicated she was fairly new but I decided to proceed with her. She was great. No one is really sure what is causing the pain behind my knee. Emily did research on the internet and I believe also talked to you to try to figure it out. You made one suggestion which Emily went through with me and I will talk to my doctor about that. I was tremendously impressed with Emily. Not everyone would have done research and sought your opinion. She is a keeper.


I am writing about my first experience ever with P.T., and my experience with physical therapist, Meryl Wagman. I was sent to physical therapy by my doctor for a shoulder problem. Entering P.T. I was totally unfamiliar with the exercises, procedures, scheduling, etc. Meryl was kind and patient as she led me through the various aspects of the process. With each new set of exercises she explained what was happening and what the goals were. She took my individual needs and limitations into account throughout. If things did not go well with a certain exercise during a certain time period she was encouraging and worked to find an alternative to try. She made the P.T. experience much easier with her caring, skill and professionalism. My shoulder is greatly improved. I thank your therapy group, and Meryl Wagman in particular, for that outcome.


“Kind and compassionate. Talks to me (not at me or down to me) and helps me understand my options. I had him correct L-Spine and C-Spine with the minimally invasive procedure. Immediate relief of symptoms. I have already sent to co-workers to him and will continue to support his practice by referring others.”


“The office staff went above and beyond to make sure my questions were addressed. Everyone was very polite, kind, and compassionate. It made the surgical procedure easier and less frightening. I would absolutely recommend this practice. Thank you for your kindness.”


“I highly recommend Carly Hampton. I came to her with two simultaneous but independent problems: plantar fasciitis and shoulder impingement/neck pain. Over a 2-month period, Carly first dealt with the plantar fasciitis. It virtually disappeared after about 1 month of therapy to the point where I can now walk for miles without problem, even in the mountains. Carly then dealt with the shoulder impingement and neck pain, which have both improved considerably. Carly takes great care in diagnosing the problem, as well as in explaining what needs to be done and why. I must admit that I was skeptical at the beginning about what physical therapy could achieve. No longer! I would be in bad shape now had it not been for Carly.”


“My wife is near the last phases of her Physical Therapy with orthoBethesda. She broke her left humerus in October 2016, had a total shoulder arthroplasty with Dr. Bieber, and started her therapy with you almost immediately. She has done exceptionally well in her recovery and this is due to orthoBethesda’s fine care and wonderful caring people in all aspects of the PT operation.

Being in a hospital-based department, one sees all levels of patient care on a daily basis. The care and caring at orthoBethesda is really exceptional. I have accompanied my wife to her PT appointments for the last 8 months, to provide her support and transportation (in the early going). As the front desk people well know, I sit with my computer and work during the hour+ she is receiving therapy from Rob and his staff. Everyone, to a person, is exceptionally well-trained, kind, and is so nice to patients. All problems are handled immediately with grace and good feelings. The atmosphere in the office is very caring, understanding, and warm. Everyone, every day, goes out of his/her way to help the patients. It’s an amazing culture. Your patients seem very happy to be there and genuinely like relating to everyone. For me, I’ll miss being a part of the office environment when she cuts back on her therapy.

Thanks for providing this exceptionally warm and caring place for patients to recover function and feel better about themselves. It is very appreciated by everyone.”


“I have been a patient at OrthoBethesda for many, many years and have been a patient of 6 of your doctors.

Many years ago I had PT at your office and Mary Ellen was my therapist — she was wonderful. Since she retired I went to other offices and then recently returned to your PT office.

My reaction, in a word: WOW!!!! The front office staff are amazing, always positive, happy, helpful and no one waiting to be looked after. They even remember your name. I have never experienced such a greeting anywhere. It can even turn around a bad day.

Also, your physical therapists clearly are very knowledgable, kind and always take the time to address all my concerns. It is evident that you have changed the way the PT services are operated for the better. I would highly recommend Ortho Bethesda therapy services to anyone I meet!!! It has BECOME a cut above the rest.”


“I want you to know how helpful and informative Rob Agosto is. I have spent a couple months in PT and I feel lucky to have been his client. He has picked up on all the quirks related to my leg/hip/back issues and has given me some incredible tips to help me move better and keep my discomfort at bay.

I’m a skater and have done Pilates and yoga for decades. I so appreciate how Rob understands these disciplines. But besides having encyclopedic knowledge, Rob is very skilled at listening, communicating, and sharing his considerable gifts.”


“Dear Mr. Hull,

“They” said knee replacement surgery is not for sissies! And they were most definitely right.

But having the best possible support made it bearable. I feel very lucky to have had Wesley Wang as my physical therapist. His warm and friendly personality, his positive attitude and most importantly his expertise, guided me through the early painful exercises to full recovery. While Wesley was always understanding and supportive of my limitations, he quietly but surely pushed me to the next level. At 11 weeks post surgery, I feel that I have returned to almost “normal” and I owe that in great part to him.

I also want to express my gratitude to Taylor who got me ready for the day’s activity and helped me through some of the exercises. She too had the right attitude and a friendly smile.

My thanks also to Sharlene and Jerry at the front desk who never failed to greet me (and everyone else) with a big smile and warm words.

In short, you are to be commended for the smooth, efficient running of the Therapy department and for selecting the right staff to provide expertise and support.”


“Dr. Bhattacharyya,

Thank you so much for taking care of Andy when he arrived at Suburban ER last Sat. March 11th. He had the best of care and you were part of the team that saved his life.”

“Thank you and your team, Dr. Bhattacharyya, for the amazing care you provided to me. The professionalism and passion you brought to the experience is much appreciated.”


“To OrthoBethesda Physical Therapy,

Your staff is the BOMB, meaning: professional, helpful and funny. I know that I am going to enjoy coming to your office”


“Dear Chris,
I am in Calif. now at family function. I would not have made this trip if it hadn’t been for all of your expertise, suggestions and extra efforts.
As you know, I put off getting custom orthotics due to “sticker” shock. Once I was in your capable hands I knew it was money and time well spent.

You not only explained every detail of what was happening in the restructuring of my foot but went beyond that. I trusted you and ordered thru you the type of shoe you thought would work well with my orthotic. This took extra time on your part which has proven to make a huge recovery difference for me.

Since, I had in my possession the orthotic before the shoe arrived I went to suggested shoe store. I bought at Clark’s a shoe that would accommodate your orthotic. The next few days while wearing this shoe I was in even more distress. When I came back to you for the shoe you ordered. You took even more time to explain why the shoe from Clark wouldn’t work. You installed my orthotic in the shoe you ordered and I am more comfortable than I have been since my problem occurred. I know I have a long way to go but now I literally can “go”. Thanks to your caring efforts I didn’t miss my family reunion.

There are not enough words of praise but simply accept my gratitude and thanks.”


“Just wanted to reach out to [Chris Gracey] to thank you for designing my orthotics! I love them! I can walk much farther and much longer now without any pain.

Thank you for all the time and energy you spent on designing my orthotics.”


“Very helpful. Love this office! Been coming here for years!. Top notch staff. Thanks for your help making feel more at ease!”


“I wish to inform you of the exceptional therapy I have experienced at OrthoBethesda. After foot surgery, my left foot did not respond to any therapy for adjustment to stability and strength. My Therapist, Meryl, suggested that I speak with Chris Gracey for the possibility of foot and ankle orthotics.

Your, Mr. Gracey, had the ability to translate my extreme walking difficulty and support deficiencies into phenomenal orthotic structures and shoe modifications that supported my foot, ankle, and leg which is enabling me to walk naturally with little or no pain.

I believe it is imperative that you inform your management of the absolutely outstanding asset you have in Mr. Gracey within your organization. He has given me stability, renewed balance, and the ability to walk naturally with his shoe modifications and customization.

Thank you for letting me comment on Chris with his outstanding customer service, sincerity, attentiveness and wonderful ability to understand the human foot and ankle.”


“I just finished my physical therapy at Ortho Bethesda Therapy Services after almost 3 months. Jerry who was greeter, trouble shooter, scheduler etc. always provided a smile and a warm greeting. Many times the waiting area was full but he seemed to be able to just get it all done.”


“I am writing to let you know what a good job your orthotic specialist, Chris Gracey, did on making me a custom orthotic to fit my travel shoes for a recent trip abroad.

Thanks to the correction and comfort of the shoes, I was able to participate successfully in a strenuous tour program, that included a lot of walking on all sorts of terrain and climbing as well.

I would highly recommend his services.”


“[Dr. Gazdag] recommended new orthotics and follow up with Chris Gracey. Chris, in his highly affable way, went to great lengths to very clearly explain his approach. I felt that he made a good deal of sense and agreed to proceed with his careful measurements and design. I received my new orthotics on September 19th, 2016. Although he suggested a rigorous wearing schedule, I noticed immediate and highly significant improvements to the pain I feel in my toes as soon as I took them for a test spin and with no adjustments! I was astonished and remain so as to the improvement.

While I’m still in the testing and work-in phase, I feel confident that the orthotics will pass the test. In this regard, Chris is wide open to on-the-spot appointments if any adjustment is necessary, which is stellar customer service.”


“I had the good fortune to work with Liz in scheduling my outpatient PT visits with little advance notice. She was helpful, professional and exhibited good customer (patient) skills. I truly appreciate good quality staff in any medical practice especially one as busy as OrthoBethesda.”


“Excellent personalized care and attention to detail. A pleasure to work with.”


“Claudia is wonderful. She does what she promises and when she promises. I was able to contact her solely by e-mail after our first call, and she then always responded without further prompting. She answered questions fully and clearly. An enormous help to us!”


“Julie provides exceptional customer service. She has excellent professionalism and organization skills. She is kind, responsive, and able to anticipate my questions/needs before I am even aware that I have a question/request.”


“I cannot say enough good things about working with Julie as the surgical coordinator for my recent surgery with Dr. Craig Miller! From the first time I spoke with Julie on the phone, she was friendly, knowledgeable, and willing to answer all of my seemingly inane questions.

Julie was extremely helpful in making sure I had all of the necessary information, helping me to find a place to perform my pre-op testing, and answering all of my last minute questions via email. Julie was always prompt in returning my phone calls and pleasant to speak to on the phone. She made me feel very comfortable in the weeks leading up to my surgery, despite my anxiety about living so far away and worrying about the logistics of getting everything done in time for surgery.

If I had to have surgery again, I would be honored to work with Julie again!”


“I was a patient until two weeks ago of Christine Zammett and her able and amusing side-kick, Danielle. I write to let you know how much I appreciated the therapy they gave me for several weeks following elbow surgery with Craig Miller. While we joked often of the torture they put me through, the fact is that they were both very helpful in aiding my recovery. And working with them was a stitch. Very congenial and fun people to be inflicting so much pain. Pain in a good way, that is! Loved those ladies – and I miss the banter and having my chops playfully busted at each visit. Please let them know that I wrote in, and tell them hi for me!”


“I drive a friend to the appointments at OrthoBethesda, and I sit in the waiting room while she is being treated. I have observed that Jerry is very friendly behind the desk, and he goes the extra mile to greet patients as they arrive, asking how they are and treating them very kindly. I wanted you to know that Jerry makes a good impression in that waiting room.”


“In the last year, I have had two rounds of physical therapy — one for my back and one for post meniscus surgery. My physical therapist, Tony Madison, was outstanding for both types of physical therapy. Tony is very knowledgeable and was able to help me recover quickly. He taught me the appropriate exercises to continue to do at home going forward. Tony is also a very caring person who is genuinely interested in his patients. He is a joy to work with and I hated to end my therapy and leave him. When I ever need PT again, I will return to Tony.”


“Dear Isis,

I cannot thank you enough for the help you provided me relevant to my left ankle injury. Your expedited efforts to obtain necessary authorizations enabled me to be seen, evaluated, & treated so that my ankle could be properly supported by a brace &, hopefully, physical therapy may soon begin to strengthen & heal the ankle. From a patient’s perspective, please know how appreciative I am. The pain had became quite bad and without your dedicated efforts I would not be on the road to recovery. Thank you!”


“Dear Dr.Caulfield,

Thank you for seeing me so quickly when I was in such distress about 10 days ago. I am doing well now and have resumed my morning walks. THANK YOU.”


“Every day I write down 10 things I’m grateful for. Today I’m grateful for Dr. Fisch and his amazing injection that has eliminated the pain in my back.”


“The best customer service I have ever received at a doctor’s office. Every person I dealt with while there was extremely professional, friendly, helpful and courteous. Great experience and practice!”


“The top of my right foot was crushed by someone putting their full weight, (wearing a solid one inch heel), on it back in September 2015. My big toe sustained a fracture, and I developed a ‘cyst’ or ‘mass’ in between my third and fourth toes where they meet the foot. I was treated by an orthopedist who advised staying off of it, rest, and a cortisone injection. After two months time, the fracture healed, but I still had quite a bit of pain and numbness in my toe/foot area where the mass was located. My doctor suggested physical therapy. As I believe is protocol with your business, I was initially evaluated by Sylvia and given a workout plan. On my appointment days, various therapists would run me through my workouts, and then I would be evaluated/treated by Sylvia. I was so impressed that no matter where I was in that large space or what exercise I was performing, I would hear Sylvia’s voice….. “Keep your heels down!” or “Contract your glutes!” or “Use your core muscles” or “Keep a straight back” or “Slower!” She has eyes around the room and cares about the proper way of treating and healing her patients. It amazed and impressed me how she could multitask. I was blessed to be under her care. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable, she is also ready to think outside of the box and continue learning herself. My foot would not heal and nothing would relieve the pain and irritation. My doctor was at a loss. Sylvia came up with the idea to tape my foot into a “flatter” position than my normal foot position. It was a eureka moment. I finally felt relief. We worked together for the last few weeks with the taping. I was taped by someone else and their work did not help my foot. Sylvia knew exactly what to do. I am back at work as my job as a flight attendant. I still have issues with my foot, but I am able to work! I am using Sylvia’s suggestions of padding and icing when necessary. OrthoBethesda is fortunate to have such a creative, knowledgeable and caring individual such as Sylvia Bennett. I hope that you recognize how special she is. I also have to mention that your entire staff is fabulous. It makes coming to PT a pleasure.”


“Claudia and everyone at OrthoBethesda and Suburban Hospital so far have been fabulous.”


“Claudia was very nice, helpful. Felt good after talking to her. Everything was done in a short amount of time. Very pleased.”


“My husband and I wish to send a letter of commendation on behalf of our physical therapist at OrthoBethesda, Josh Johns, who treated us for balance training in October-November of this year. We have received considerable physical therapy over the years, but Josh stands out as exceptionally effective in his treatments. He knows his field well and was able to answer our many questions with clarity and with care. He worked with us one-on-one for the entire visit and did not, as with many other therapists, send us to the time-wasting bike for 15 minutes or to deep muscle stimulation during our therapy time; and he kept meticulous records to chart our progress which he shared with us. We came to trust his expertise. His manner is professional yet warm and engaging. From our observation, he is highly respected and looked up to by his peers. He is an employee your company can be proud of.”


“I asked Claudia for your name and email address because I have been extremely impressed by her very cheerful and professional customer service. The dates for the synevectomy of my right thumb and left index fingers have jumped all over the place because of me, and, throughout all of these changes she has been extraordinarily patient, has kept her calm, and was extremely serviceable. I don’t run in to such quality professionals that often but when I do I want to beep my horn of appreciation for her and to let management know about it. You have a real diamond in this excellent lady!”


“Dear, Dr. Bhattacharyya,

There is no way I can thank you enough for giving me back my right arm. I do appreciate your expertise and skill in restoring function to this 91 year-old arm. I shall think of you every day and enjoy its use!”


“As an aside, my father is extremely pleased with you and your office staff. After speaking with your receptionists and Erica this morning, I enthusiastically agree! My query, even though out of the ordinary, and frankly, somewhat tedious, was handled with the utmost of professionalism and expedition. Additionally, Erica was extremely well informed and efficient in assisting me and I was touched by her personal knowledge of my father and his plan of care. My entire family is extremely grateful to you and your office.”


“Dear Dr. Gazdag,

Thanks to you, my Charcot foot has been pain-free for two weeks. The cortisone shot to my ankle worked like magic! I have my fingers crossed that it will be long lasting. My balance has also improved and I no longer feel it necessary to use a cane.”


“Dear Ms. Carly,

The eleven physical therapy sessions I had with you have helped me tremendously. Initially, I had little hope of improvement, but you proved me wrong. Your outstanding skills are an asset to your company. Also, the daily exercises you prescribed, which I continue to do, have helped a lot. Recently, I was able to pull some weeds around my house, which was not possible for a long time.”


“Claudia was very efficient, courteous and helpful. We could not have been more pleased by the whole experience.”


“Claudia was very polite and friendly. She was extremely helpful. Didn’t rush, took time to work with me.”


“Dear Dr. Bieber,

First, I would like to thank you for the excellent care you have given me during my recent my recent broken wrist and carpal tunnel surgeries. From the first appointment, thru surgery, to the last appointment and all the visits with you in between, I have felt I was in the BEST hands possible.

I also wanted to take a second of your time to tell you how “wonderful” and “successful” my therapy experience has been. From ‘Sindus’ scheduling and checking me in, to ‘Danielle’ prepping me for therapy to ‘Ann Steiger’ giving me the most helpful, encouraging and amazing therapy I have ever had. I feel very confident that without her expertise and professionalism in Hand Therapy, I would not have rebounded the way I have, months ahead of where I would have imagined I would be. Ann is not only very knowledgeable in her field, she is very compassionate, understanding and basically knows how and what to do to achieve ultimate results, beneficial to all who receive therapy from her.

I thank YOU and I thank my therapy “crew” for everything.”


“My entire experience at this practice was wonderful. Dr. Bieber is a great surgeon, and Christine was an absolute pleasure to work with as my hand therapist!”


“Just a note to let you know that Tony’s attention and positive attitude were of tremendous help to me as I progressed after shoulder replacement by Dr. Bieber. While it’s not the easiest replacement to rehab, Tony has been part of my quickly getting back my strength and stamina and full use of my shoulder without pain. Thank you, Tony.”


“Claudia was very efficient and I am very impressed with her helpfulness and efficiency. Thank you very much.”


“Just want to say ‘thank you’ for getting back to me so quickly after my last email asking for an earlier appointment! You are always so efficient and accommodating! Best doctor’s staff ever! See you on Friday at noon.”


“In the late 1980s, I was sent to you to reattach nerves in my hand severed in an accident. At the time, the numbness was especially bothersome as it interfered with my piano playing. More recently, you performed CMC arthroplasty on both of my thumbs. Now that I’ve retired, I am extremely grateful for your outstanding surgical repair work as I now have the luxury of indulging myself by playing the piano. I’m taking lessons again and slowly stretching my fingers to improve my reach on the keyboard. Your skill as a surgeon has contributed greatly to the quality of my life. Thank you.”


“Last month, I completed a hand therapy rehabilitation for a torn tendon in my right middle finger from playing basketball just after Thanksgiving. As I said to everyone at OrthoBethesda from the start of the process until the end, it was one of the best medical experiences I have ever had. I wanted to make sure that you heard this too, since you (Chuck) are in charge of the practice. At my initial appointment on Tuesday December 2, 2014, I was seen precisely on time at 9:00, had an X-ray within 30 minutes, and then was immediately in for my first therapy session, completing this entire process within one hour. This was very important for me as I was going on an international trip the next evening and need to have my damaged finger taken care of right away. For the next 100 days, through weekly therapy sessions and follow up medical appointments, your staff could not have been more professional, caring and timely. I would be remiss if I didn’t pass out high fives, fist bumps or the equivalent to Dr. Durbhakula, Ann, Sindus and Danielle. What a great team! Though I hope not to have an orthopedic need in the near future, it’s comforting I now know the place to go.”


“Doctors Buber and Bieber and OrthoBetheseda staff have seen me well through tough times. I do commend these dedicated staff members (Claudia and Lisa Bennett among others in the Main Office and Therapy Department) for their compassionate professionalism, scheduling, nursing, orthopedic and therapy skills. You work with an extremely skilled and dedicated group of people. Thank you.”


“I have not had my appointment yet but I wanted to express my appreciation for my experience so far. All of your staff and especially ‘Star’ have been extremely helpful and professional. It has been a great experience so far.”


“I wanted to write a note to thank the staff at OrthoBethesda for the outstanding treatment I have received over the past two months. It is extremely rare to find an organization that is excellent from top to bottom. Dr. Sridhar Durbhakula performed total hip replacement surgery on me on January 29th, 2015. Dr. Durbhakula is expert in his field, is very good at communicating with patients, and has an excellent bedside manner. I am extremely pleased with the outcome of my surgery. I found the staff at the medical office to be very professional and efficient – from the receptionist, to the appointment schedulers, through the surgery scheduler, the people who coordinated with the insurance company and handled the billing (very efficiently – no surprises), and the medication consultants. The information on the OrthoBethesda web site, Dr. Durbhakula’s web site, the patient package provided by the Joint Center of Excellence at Shady Grove, and the pre-operation class were more than enough to prepare me for the procedure, the rehabilitation, and to clearly communicate my part in the recovery process. Given that experience, I chose to use the OrthoBethesda Physical Therapy Services – even though there were other services closer to home, and I was not disappointed. Tony Madison, DPT was fantastic in working with me. He asks questions, listens, and then adjusts the treatments based on input from the patient. I will always be grateful for two treatments in particular, when Tony said, “You’ll thank me for this later”. Part way through my treatment, he used a foam roll to loosen up some tight muscles. When I told him everything was working well except two particular exercises, he laid me on the table, poked and prodded, found a “trigger point” – and loosened the last muscle between me and getting back to walking normally. He is expert in is field, and has outstanding communications skills, to say nothing of the sense of empathy he conveys. I work in a technology center, and am told I lack some people skills – but the three techs who assisted Tony in my treatment were also very professional, excellent at what they do, and very good at communicating with patients. (I’m bad at picking up names, but remember them at raise time!) The front office in the Physical Therapy Services was also very professional. I watched as they coordinated schedules of therapists an patients with constantly changing schedules – dealing with both easy going people and the usual minority of difficult people – always with a smile and extremely pleasant manner. I hope I never need to deal with OrthoBethesda again – but if I or a family member are in need of orthopedic services, we’ll be back. (I’ve already recommended a patient for Dr. Durbhakula.) In closing, I have dealt with bad organizations with a few good people, good organizations with a few outstanding people, but rarely have I seen an organization as excellent as OrthoBethesda.”


“People with whom I have interacted during this experience; have been informative, courteous and overall very helpful.”


“(Claudia is) likely the best surgical coordinator I have had: professional, polite, responsive, and kind.”


“I wanted you to know that I was very pleased with the quality of the physical therapy service that Tom Massey provided over the past months.”


“Kita went above and beyond in assisting me with scheduling surgery. She was very professional in all aspects, especially when dealing with the Department of Labor and insurance company. She really kept me informed and updated.”


“I wanted you to know that it has been a pleasure ironing out my wife’s billing issues with Sandra. Sandra has been professional, courteous, patient, and very informative. (She) expertly guided me through the process of working with BCBS. I’m guessing that what she showed me to do is a standard practice, but her mood of willingness to help is what really impressed me. She was very responsive by email and phone and a pleasure to meet in person. I rarely come across people who are willing to take the extra step to help others. So it really was a relief working with Sandra. You have a terrific employee in her. Thanks!!”


“I LOVE Dr. Sridhar Durbhakula, and I love your practice!!”


“I just wanted to thank Dr. Cannova and the team. I had my hip replaced about 2 months ago and am really happy with the results. Throughout the entire process from start to finish I felt informed, well cared for. Thanks again to one and all for the new hip!”


“I am writing to acknowledge the exceptional physical therapy services provided by Ms. Lisa Jocius, OTR/L CHT. I am truly grateful for all that she has done and will continue to do to help (my husband) meet his healing objectives. I am continually impressed with the superior level of services offered by the Hand Therapy Services business unit of OrthoBethesda. Thank you for helping my husband recover the use of his hands and arms.”


“Dr. Buber demonstrated genuine care, commitment, kindness and extreme competence as a trauma surgeon at Suburban Hospital and in follow-up appointments here at his office. I felt I was in good hands and he responded to my questions and concerns thoroughly and with patience. I am grateful he has been my doctor and truly appreciate how he has treated me as a physician and as a human being.”


“I am writing to acknowledge the exceptional customer service of Ms. Sondus Dabas. She is always kind and smiling. She clearly understands the importance of running a for-profit medical office but she never loses sight of the needs of the patient. Ms. Dabas keeps in continual contact with the therapists and monitors the progress of the patients. (She) is an exceptional addition to the Hand Therapy Services business unit. She is successfully balancing the needs and requirements of all patients who enter the OrthoBethesda Hand Therapy Services.”


“I just wanted to get a note to Dr. Fisch. About 18 months ago, he performed a facet neurotomy on my neck and I was told it would help somewhat for about a year… I am practically pain free after this length of time. Thank you again, Dr. Fisch.”


“I am very pleased with the friendliness, efficiency, and promptness of all the staff at OrthoBethesda. Thanks for everything. ”


“Sylvia Bennett was my Physical Therapist for the last 6 weeks and she did a remarkable job. She was so clear and helpful in my recovery and gave me a lot of stretches to recover. Thank you!”


“I’ve been a patient of Drs. Bieber, Schluntz, Gazdag for over 15 years. Some months ago, my mom was having some medical issue which manifested itself in her foot, so I took her to Dr. Schluntz for help. He was amazing, of course. After her appointment, my mom was admitted to the hospital and we really had no idea what was wrong with her… to make a long story short… we needed immediate access to her records and bloodwork on/off for the following month. I’m writing because I have to tell you how Genebel handled herself during this time with me and my mother. She was a BLESSING, and I’m not exaggerating. I’ve never had to care for a parent the way I’ve had to over the past several months and I can tell you that Genebel was so professional and went above and beyond getting me the information I needed for my mom in a quick and timely way. The best part – she wasn’t irritated with my um’teen calls/voicemails a day!! She was always gracious, responsive, and willing to help. As I said, I’ve been a long-time patient of this practice and once again, I’m impressed. ”


“Sylvia Bennett was my Physical Therapist for the last 6 weeks and she did a remarkable job. She was so clear and helpful in my recovery and gave me a lot of stretches to recover. Thank you!”


“I need to express my grateful feelings to all the staff at the front desk and in the Physical Therapy clinic. They are all the nicest, kindest professionals I have yet to know in any medical office.”


“I am not a patient here, but my mother is. We are here for her first appointment. The ladies at the front desk have cheerfully greeted every client who has entered the door. When helping customers sign in or complete paperwork, they have been patient, informative, and kind. I’m writing because this type of excellent customer service is not often seen in doctors offices. Ms. Jameson and Ms. Turay are excellent professionals. I am impressed and feel confident that my mother is being treated kindly and compassionately with respect and good cheer. Congratulations on having compassionate staff as the first impression of this office.”


“I am writing to express my great appreciation for Tony’s efforts in the rehabilitation of my right ankle after I broke it while hiking. Tony is extremely knowledgeable and applied that knowledge to help me understand my injury and the stages of recovery. He took the time to explain the “whys” of everything that he had me do as part of the rehab process, which ensured that I was engaging properly and not doing things by rote. He helped me understandmy progess along the way in the face of my impatience, without committing too early to results. He answered endless questions and provided many, many explanations to my wife and me. He was very careful – and quite adamant- in keeping me from overextending, which I otherwise likely would have done on the theory that if 10 is good, 15 is better. All told, I am confident that my recovery was faster and fuller because ofhis efforts. Tony’s assistants were unfailingly helpful and encouraging. In addition, everyone in the front office was very helpful and considerate. We were able to schedule the full month of appointments at one time,which was a big help in planning our lives. The fact that all our appointments started on time helped minimize the disruption of the large number of PT and medical appointments we faced ina compressed time. In short, it was a wise decision for us to use OrthoBethesda rather than a physical therapy group closer to home. Please extend our thanks to everyone at OrthoBethesda and to Tony in particular.”


“I’ve recently become a patient with OrthoBethesda’s Physical Therapy Unit. As someone who had the good fortune of never before requiring physical therapy, I had some skepticism of the value of these treatments. Since working with Sylvia these last three weeks, I have not only learned the value of physical therapy but look forward to myvisits. The entire office staff in the office has been very friendly and helpful but I wanted to call particular attention to Sylvia. I have been both the beneficiary and witness to her terrific rapport with patients. In our sessions, she has exhibited a caring, patient and professional demeanor that is very reassuring. Shealso provides clear and firm direction on how to optimize my recovery. Before she attended to me, I saw her working with another patient who exhibited a great deal of apprehension following the treatment. It was impressive to see how she was able to calmly apply several different approaches(to) put her atease. This added to my growing appreciation for her skill as aphyical therapist. Thanks to you and your staff.”


“I have been a patient these past several weeks at OrthoBethesda. I was so impressed with your staff that I wanted to relay to you my experience with my physical therapy. I was very impressed with how efficient and friendly the staff is. Front desk people (are) very cheerful, smiling in their greeting, helpful in making appointment dates. My therapist was Josh. He was very professional, yet personable, sensitive, kind and he educated me. The person I worked with most was Lauren and she is totally amazing. Lauren was very professional, patient in her teaching the exercises, a master with her deep tissue massage, very caring and kind. Both Josh and Lauren are obviously in careers they like because theircaring and wanting to help came across as genuine. Their other assistants were also very nice and friendly. I also appreciated and felt like Lauren and Josh were closely monitoring that their assistants were doing what they had been asked to do in my regards. The entire experience was pleasant and the friendly, professional atmosphere was appreciated.”


“I wanted to reach out and inform you of the excellent work that Joshua Johns has been doing on behalf of OrthoBethesda Therapy.I am currently receiving therapy there for recovery from a plateau fracture of my tibia. I have been truly impressed with his attitude, knowledge, and skill. Over theyears, I have had therapy atOrthoBetehsda for multiple issues, carpal tunnel surgery, sciatica, and now recovery from the fracture and resultant surgery, and all of your staff have been excellent. I have always enjoyed excellent care during physical therapy and rehabilitation support in your practice, but in this case I felt compelled to call out Josh specifically. Josh stands out as aparticularly dedicated and knowledgable therapist with an excellent patient rapport. He is an excellent therapist and represents OrthoBethesda with the highest degreeof professionalism and a clear commitment to patient care.”


“OrthoBethesda is an excellent group of doctors and other professionals.”


“(Our family) has had the privilege to be under the care of Dr. Ira Fisch since January, 2005. He has treated both me and my wife and now my mother who has recently just had back surgery. With the utmost care and sincerity Dr. Fisch has not only been a good doctor to us, but a friend and confidant since we met him eight years ago. I myself have been plagued with many back problems and he has attended caringly to my every need. My wife was frustrated with the bedside manner of some doctors that she had received at another clinic and came to Dr. Fisch’s office in October of 2008. She has since recommended your office to many of her friends, some of whom are now patients of Dr. Fisch. Dr. Fisch is a caring and compassionate doctor. From our past experiences, unfortunately it is hard to find doctors like Dr. Fisch nowadays. He takes his time to listen to our questions and concerns and then, based on our needs, arrives at a course of treatment that is mutually agreed on. We have been frustrated in the past by doctor’s offices that were unresponsive to our needs and concerns. It took some time to finally find a doctor that is well-liked and respected by our whole family. I just wanted to take a moment to commend Dr. Fisch on all the hard work, patience, caring, and understanding that he has given to my family and me over these many years of being our doctor.”


“This is a greatpractice. You are all fantastic! :)”


“Courteous and knowledgeable staff. Dr. Bieber and his staff are 1st class!”


“My first impression of this first time visit began with a friendly, positive attitude from the staffers (greeters) at the front desk… kind, cheerful, and I could tell they likedworking at this office.”


“Dr. Fisch makes me feel comfortable for the first time after months of worry since July, 2010. He reassures me.”


“Most efficient office I have ever visited, bar none!”


“Along with your physical therapy, you all do amazing work. Very satisfied with the help you’ve given me over the years.”


“I would highly recommend this practice. :)”


“Great experience. We were seen the same day – will definitely recommend to family & friends :)”


“Everything was great, as usual.”


“I love the doctors and staff here. Always refer you to everyone. ”


“I commend you on your office staff. Thank you”


“Dr. Bieber was awesome”


“Thank you for such an excellent surgery and care…”


“I feel very fortunate to know you’re here when I need medical care and can count on getting great care. Thank you!”


“Your staff is the most organized of any group I’ve ever met! They are great :)”


“I have been coming to see Dr. Fisch for ten years – you run a excellent, outstanding office. I know it isn’t always easy – keep it up”


“Love you guys!”


“Dr. Fisch, I am having a miracle right now! Thanks :)”


“Everyone isvery professional. I’m impressed the doc comes in and says I’ll be right with you, someone’s ahead of you – the checkoutpeople are very nice”


“Wonderful and helpful! Very impressive operation. Thank you so much!”


“One of the most efficient, courteous, and friendly doctors’ office I have ever been too. Staff particularly helpful in providing care and additional instructions that were unexpected. And I feel better after bad start to the day. Thank you.”


“Dr. Cannova and his staff are very courteous and tremendously wonderful. I regard them as the best.”


“Very friendly, courteous, and efficient service.”


“Dr. Gazdag is the best doctor in the whole world!”


“Gracious, wonderful staff. X-ray tech was friendly and helpful. Dr. Caulfield was very friendly, knowledgeable and had an excellent bedside manner.I just loved him!”


“Dr. Fisch and ortho tech staff was courteous and kind. Dr. Fisch explained condition clearly. Very professional person and a doctor we will recommend to others. Thanks Dr. Fisch!”


“The best thing/ partof this practice is the support staff. They are helpful, courteous and really make us (patients) feel welcome.All of them are terrific!”


“You are all the greatest!”


“Your PT team is terrific! Audra, in particular, is outstanding.”


“My physical therapist, Joanne, was very helpful and friendly, explained the exercises clearly and patiently and her treatment was very effective – in fact, I was almost recovered and discharged! Many thanks!”


“Dr. Cannova – very professional – I liked him.”


“I would reccomend my family/ friends to be seen and treated in this office ,especially Dr. Bieber, who is knowledgeable, professional, reassuring. Everyone is very courteous, professional, reassuring. I am very satisfied about my visit and treatment in this office! Thank you Dr. Bieber!!!”


“I think Dr. Durbhakula did an amazing job!”


“Your phone service is the best of any multi-doctor office.”


“This entire practice is excellent. I am frequently a patient in the office and have had many surgeries and every time am treated as if I were a family member.”


“I am very happy with the services and treatment provided by Dr. Gazdag and the office staff. Everybody was courteous and helpful; Dr. Gazdag is very knowledgeable and took the time to discuss the case. I would highly recommend him to my friends and family.”


“Dr. Gazdag was very informative and made me feel I was not being rushed.”


“Dr. Bieber’s bedside manner is his skill!! Thank you!”


“Dr. Fisch was very kind, patient, and extremely helpful to my father today! We really appreciate his time and expertise! Many thanks!”


“No complaints about staff. I happily recommend this office to all.”


“Keep up the great work. I love how each doctor has his own niche. Web site is fantastic. I have referred a lot of friends.”


“Dr. Gazdag examined my father’s hammertoe. He was extremely professional, knowledgeable, gentle and thorough! He answered questions and offered suggestions.”


“Dr. Bieber did my carpal tunnel surgery. He is wonderful! All staff is courteous. Appointments are timely. Thank you!”

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