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At OrthoBethesda, you will find superior, expert therapy services to treat a complete range orthopedic and musculoskeletal issues.  Our physical and occupational therapists bring innovative expertise honed through years of experience and advanced training.  Working with physicians and surgeons, they create a personalized treatment plan to achieve the best possible recovery for each patient.  Whether patients are recovering from surgery or an injury or are dealing with acute or chronic pain, we are here to help them regain strength and mobility with the main goals of improving quality of life, maximizing functional outcomes, and returning to an active healthy lifestyle.

Physical Therapy Services in Bethesda, Maryland

Originally created to support the patients of OrthoBethesda orthopedic surgeons, our therapy services are now available to referring physicians throughout the Washington, DC metro area for a complete range of conservative treatment options.

Our therapy department is one of the premier clinics in the region.  We are continuously expanding to meet our patients’ needs and all of our therapists are highly committed to ongoing continuing education to stay current with the newest and most effective interventions.

What Sets OrthoBethesda Therapy Services Apart?

We Are Committed to Continuity of Care

Our patients see the same physical therapist for all of their visits. This is different from many therapy facilities where the patient sees whatever therapist is available on the day of their appointment. Our focus on continuity of care helps our patients get better quicker, putting OrthoBethesda in the top 10% nationwide for fewest therapy sessions per diagnosis.

Therapy Schedules Are Planned to Maximize Quality of Care

We schedule our therapists so they have designated, uninterrupted time with every patient. This allows us to give each patient undivided attention and focus on individualized care.

Few Clinics Offer Our Level of Orthopedic Rehab Sub-Specialists

All our clinicians are highly qualified to treat general orthopedic injuries, but we also have therapists who treat specific injuries. We have teams of spine therapists who collaborate for optimal care; sports therapists with subspecialties in running rehab, swimming rehab, throwing rehab and other sport-specific injuries; and hand therapists who can rehabilitate the most complex hand and wrist injuries.

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