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Specialized Orthopedic Care in Rockville, MD

Our team of highly trained and experienced orthopedic doctors at OrthoBethesda offers skilled orthopedic treatment, surgery and physical therapy services to the Rockville, MD, area. We provide orthopedic care for all musculoskeletal ailments, as well as conditions affecting the musculoskeletal system.

Our services include simple and complex trauma surgery, joint replacement, pediatric orthopedic treatment and sports medicine. We provide comprehensive care that focuses on improving your quality of life, so aches and pains don’t derail your everyday activities.


Our Approach to Orthopedic Treatment

Our treatment is procedural as we begin with the purest form of care to relieve you of your discomfort. When you visit us for a consultation, we’ll conduct an examination to determine the extent of your injury or condition. This examination is both verbal and physical.

The treatment recommended depends on the severity of the injury or condition and ranges from physical therapy to surgery. Unless our surgeons detect severity in your injuries, they won’t recommend surgery or cortisone injections as the first option.

Physical therapy is always our go-to recommendation. If that fails, then the treatment proceeds to medication, and finally surgery if our team deems it necessary.

Orthopedic Conditions We Treat

OrthoBethesda diagnoses and treats conditions such as:

We also provide rehabilitation and post-acute care services, especially for patients who have had to undergo specialized surgical procedures for severe injuries and ailments.

Orthopedic Treatment for All Ages

OrthoBethesda’s specialists understand that when your musculoskeletal system fails, you’re limited in your movements and activities. At our orthopedic center near Rockville, MD, we aim to ensure all patients are pain-free while also teaching the necessary skills to avoid repeat injuries.

We strive to ensure our patients are equipped with knowledge on how to manage conditions such as arthritis, so they don’t live with constant pain. We work with all sorts of patients from the very young to the old.

Our young patients may have musculoskeletal defects from birth, and our pediatric specialists work to correct those defects. We also take care of people who are involved in demanding physical occupations, such as those in the construction industry, where the risk of injury is remarkably high.

High-Quality Orthopedic Care

Our Bethesda, MD physical therapy clinic is local to Rockville, MD and we advise patients on proper lifting techniques to avoid damage to their back and prevent pulled muscles. This helps improve the patient’s quality of life, making them better equipped to avoid injury in the future.

You must always listen to your orthopedic surgeon and closely follow the advice they give you. Our aim is to ensure you’re going about your treatment and recovery in the right way, as well as preventing future injuries.

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