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Orthopedic Treatment Services in Silver Spring, MD

When you suffer injuries to your musculoskeletal system, you want an orthopedic service that’s going to take good care of you, and that’s precisely what OrthoBethesda brings to the table. We have an expert team of orthopedic doctors to ensure your bones, ligaments, nerves, joints, muscles, and tendons remain in tip-top condition, especially after an injury. We aim to provide relief from pain, so you can get back to enjoying your life.

OrthoBethesda’s orthopedic specialists are ready to not only diagnose but also treat any musculoskeletal ailments, as well as other conditions that may arise, such as arthritis. We provide orthopedic treatment, surgery and physical therapy to people living within the Silver Spring, MD, area.


When Your Musculoskeletal System Ails You

When your musculoskeletal system is injured, everyday activities that were once enjoyable become quite a task. You can barely get your chores done, and going to work is torture. Your doctor may recommend that you consult with an orthopedic in Silver Spring for expert analysis. Our physicians will conduct the necessary examinations to ascertain the extent of your injury or condition and prescribe the needful procedure to make you pain-free.

Our Range of Patients

We treat patients of all ages, from young children with fractures to the elderly who may be experiencing age-related aches and pains. We also treat conditions like arthritis along with any other ailments that may affect the musculoskeletal system. We work with athletes to ensure they are always in the best shape and form for their demanding physical requirements. Our sports medicine Silver Spring team is skilled and experienced in issues and conditions relating to sports medicine.

Our Orthopedic Treatment Process

From the consultation stage, our treatment ranges from conservative to surgical procedures if our doctors deem the surgical procedures necessary. After an oral examination to determine the problem, we immediately follow up with a physical test to determine the course of treatment to take.

We’ll start you off with our physical therapy in Silver Spring, MD, unless your injuries demand medication or immediate surgery. The orthopedic doctor will provide all the information you need regarding the procedure and recovery process.

Once you are released from our surgical facility, we’ll schedule follow-up visits to evaluate the healing process for a period of one year at pre-determined intervals. The surgeon won’t just take one look at you and immediately recommend surgery. Instead, we’ll go through the entire process until we determine surgery is necessary.

You’re in Good Hands With OrthoBethesda

There’s no reason for you to live with pain when you have a team of orthopedic experts in your area. We won’t only treat your pain, but we also give you tips on how to avoid injury and walk you through what to do if something does happen.

A quick web search for “orthopedic surgeons near me” in the Silver Spring, MD, area will lead you to us. Read our testimonials from previous patients about their orthopedic care.


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