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Service Testimonial

Thank you. Every time I’ve needed anything from the whole OrthoBethesda group, it has been dealt with prompt and efficient help.

L.A. - 08/16/2018

Physical Therapy Testimonial

I’m on 3rd week of PT. Helen introduced passive range of shoulder external rotation, While lying on my back I succeeded in raising my surgical arm overhead w/the aid of my left arm, 3 sets 10 reps – slow, gentle passive movement. For warm-up I do isometric exercises to improve my wrist, elbow and grip strength. Relax, Relax, Relax is my PT’s mantra!

A big ice pack on my right shoulder is my reward after each session.

Yes, there is pain in every visit and I’m determined to get my surgical arm to doing normal daily chores

YAY to OrthoBethesda!

T.H. -  

Dr. Bieber Testimonial

From my first doctor’s appointment to my one and only physical therapy appointment, I could not have been treated more professionally and warmly.

L.G. -  

Dr. Bieber Testimonial

I had carpal tunnel syndrome and was in considerable pain. Dr. Bieber operated, and I was completely pain free immediately.  The recovery was easy, and within two months there was no visible scarring and it was impossible to feel any difference between the hand on which he operated and the other one.  He’s a miracle-worker!  Plus, the surgery center he uses on Arlington Road in Bethesda was completely efficient and made the whole process as easy as could be.  He gets an A+ from me!

F.R. -  

Dr. Bieber Testimonial

Excellent surgical and diagnostic skills. Performed surgery on my torn Right Rotator Cuff last Friday. He was extremely professional before & after surgery. He explained what to expect before & after the procedure. Put me at ease by cracking a joke which shoulder is it… Well you choose the correct one:…Started Physical Therapy 4 days after procedure… and guess what..He was in PT waiting to exam my progress! I never had that level of concern, professionalism & talent!

S.M. -  

Dr. Bieber Testimonial

I have seen Dr. Bieber numerous times in the last 15 or so years.  The first time was for a tiny piece of glass in my left index finger, where I also had a wart for many years.  He did a great job removing both.  Since then I’ve seen him for several trigger fingers.  He gave me cortisone shots in three of them and operated on one in 2011.  That finger has been fine ever since.  Most recently I saw him for pain in both my shoulders.  He is clearly an expert in what he does and serious about it.  I like his manner.  I never feel rushed by him and he answers my many questions.  The office staff is very friendly and competent too.  I recommend this practice, and Dr. Bieber in particular, for hand and shoulder problems.

M.R. -  

Dr. Bhattacharyya Testimonial

I sing praises to DR. TIMOTHY BHATTACHARYYA, who has shown my elderly mother caring and compassion, as well as his highly regarded medical expertise as she suffered significant issues with her hip, knees and ankle over the last four months. Dr. Bhattacharyya is not only top in his field medically, he is second to none at reading our faces and taking pause to ensure we are all on the same page when it comes to my mom’s care.

E.A. -  

Dr. Bhattacharyya Testimonial

Dr. Timothy Bhattacharyya & Marco have given me the greatest experience. I was terrified and in denial that I really fractured my tibia badly and needed surgery. Dr.Timothy Bhattacharyya provided me with my options as a young female, I was not ready to face early stages of Heath problems. My final decision was to go with the surgery with a 6 month recovery process. Until this day I don’t regret my decision. I know I just have to realize I can’t rush my injury. I have to be patient and accept help from others ( which is something I’m not use to). Thank you Dr. Timothy Bhattacharyya & Marco for your wonderful treatment I’ve received. I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Timothy Bhattacharyya.

J.E. -  

Dr. Bhattacharyya Testimonial

The doctor has done an amazing job reconstructing my nephews hip and ankle. Dr. Bhattacharyya is amazing.

D.Z. -  

Dr. Buber Testimonial

My son was in a serious car accident. He could have lost his entire arm if it was not for Dr. Buber who reconstructed it and put it back together without any long term effects.

C.M. - 08/22/2016

Dr. Buber Testimonial

Excellent physician. Dr. Buber rapidly fixed my broken femur using a minimally invasive procedure. Beautiful technique, great bedside manner, and gave me all the time and information I asked. Thank you

S.F. -  

Dr. Buber Testimonial

I came to Dr. Buber three months ago with a badly broken arm. The two parts of this long break were pretty widely spaced, and I had been told at the hospital that surgery would definitely be necessary. Dr. Buber did not agree, and took the conservative approach. So so glad that he did. Three months later, my arm is completely healed, well before the time predicted. I can use my arm freely, and live my life as before. I will forever be grateful to Dr. Buber and his good judgment.

A.M. -