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OrthoBethesda has a unique team of highly skilled and specially trained orthopedic surgeons who are totally committed to providing excellent treatment for bone-related conditions — and with a high rate of successful outcomes. Our doctors have many years of experience in their respective areas of specialization. They offer friendly, personalized and compassionate care to all patients.

OrthoBethesda doctors are the best orthopedic doctors to consult in Bethesda, MD, Arlington, VA, and Tysons Corner for all conditions that have to do with the body’s musculoskeletal system comprising the bones, joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments and nerves.

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Marc Gruner, DO
Elbow, Foot/Ankle, Hand/Wrist, Hip, Knee, Shoulder, Spine/Neck/Back, OrthoTrauma, Pediatric Orthopaedics, Sports Medicine
(301) 530-1010 ext 1517

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Suzanne J. Walters, MD
Elbow, Foot/Ankle, Hip, Knee, Shoulder, Pediatric Orthopaedics, Sports Medicine
(301) 530-1010 ext 1516

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The team of surgeons at OrthoBethesda received their medical training and completed their residency programs at some of the best medical schools in the country, including:

  • Georgetown University Medical School, Washington, DC
  • Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD
  • The Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University, Chicago, IL
  • Albany Medical Center, Albany, NY
  • Duke University Medical School, Durham, NC
  • Columbia University, College of Physicians and Surgeons New York, NY
  • University of Virginia School of Medicine, Charlottesville, VA
  • Washington University School of Medicine St. Louis, MO
  • University of Missouri-Kansas City, School of Medicine, Kansas City, MO
  • Northwestern University Medical School, Chicago, IL
  • Montefiore Medical Center, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Bronx, NY
  • Thomas Jefferson University, School, Philadelphia, PA


Our team of orthopedic doctors is ready to provide the best treatment for a wide range of conditions, including sports injuries, fractures, dislocations, torn ligaments, torn tendons and damaged nerves. We have surgeons who specialize in:

  • Upper extremity (hand, wrist, elbow, shoulder) surgery
  • Hip and knee replacements (presently assistant surgeon)
  • Treatment of hip and knee arthritis
  • Joint preservation
  • Minimally invasive partial and total joint replacement
  • Complex revision total joint replacement
  • Foot and ankle surgery
  • Sports medicine and arthroscopic surgery of the knee and shoulder
  • Joint replacement surgery of the knee
  • Minimally invasive surgery of the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine
  • Joint reconstruction and total joint replacement
  • Cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine surgery
  • Treatment Board Certification

Board Certificated Orthopedic Surgeons

OrthoBethesda doctors are specially trained and board-certified, which means they’ve demonstrated their lifelong commitment to the field of orthopedic surgery and their area of specialization. They’ve completed tough, detailed exams and mastered their specialties. This depth of knowledge enables them to offer treatment with a very high success rate without any major postoperative complications. Our board-certified orthopedic surgeons follow strict medical ethics and practice medicine with a high sense of professionalism that’s focused on high-quality patient care.

Our doctors also maintain their board certification through continued education, and they return for regular evaluation of the latest medical advancements and evolving best practices. This process allows them to offer the best results for patients, as has been proven by experience and the large number of positive patient reviews we have.

Great Bedside Manner

At OrthoBethesda, our doctors know that having a good bedside manner can create a measurable improvement in a patient’s surgical outcome. We know that a smile on the face and a warm and compassionate attitude helps our patients speak out about their symptoms and share all the details about what they’re going through. We take time to build a strong rapport with our patients and create trust.

Patient-Friendly Communication Style

All our doctors have developed their communication skills to a high level of competence. They interact with patients effectively by being active listeners with receptive body language.

When we speak to our patients, we’re conscious of the fact that they’re not familiar with many technical medical terms. We’ll relay information about your body and health in a way that you can easily understand.

We’ll also speak honestly and professionally and discuss your medical condition and treatment plan in a language you understand. We’ll take the time to know you, and we’ll thoroughly consider your treatment preferences. We’ll also respect your contribution while making decisions about your treatment plan.

Good First Impression

We know that we only have a single opportunity to make a great first impression on our patients, so we make it a good and memorable one. From the first minute you step into our consulting room, you’ll enjoy our warm and receptive approach. We’re very courteous, and we show respect to all patients and the friends and family members that accompany them to the hospital.

We’ll take time to listen carefully to all you have to say when you come in for a consultation or treatment. We’ll discuss the situation with you and gather your medical history, learning all we can about your family, sports, job, and any other important areas of interest.

Number of Orthopedic Surgeries

Our orthopedic surgeons are highly experienced. They perform many surgical operations every year for residents of Bethesda, Arlington, and surrounding areas. As it is with all specialized fields of medicine, the more experience, the better it is for future patients.

Our team of surgeons covers virtually all parts of the body, from the head to the feet. As a result, you can easily find the best knee replacement surgeons in Bethesda, MD, and the best surgeon for rotator cuff repair among our team surgeons.

What’s more, our doctors carry out complex surgical procedures with an extremely low risk of complications. We use the most modern techniques, and we perform surgical operations only when conservative treatment techniques cannot effectively treat the condition.

Highly-Rated Patient Satisfaction Reviews

We have several reviews online from our patients. Take the time to read them. You can also read unbiased responses from patient satisfaction surveys. From the time you book your first appointment to the time you spend in our waiting room and physical therapy suites, you’ll experience our unique approach to patient care. Our patients trust us because we put their health, comfort, recovery, and welfare first when we’re examining, treating, or interacting with them.

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If you have any pain in your joints, limbs, neck, or back, you need effective diagnosis and treatment. Take the next step and contact OrthoBethesda today. You can also give us a call now at (301) 530-1010 to book an appointment with one of our orthopedic surgeons.

All orthopedic surgical procedures are available at our Bethesda, MD, location, while only spine, hip, and knee treatments are available at our Arlington, VA, location. We’re ready to help you get the best treatment for relieving your pain and facilitate healing.


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