Balance and Fall Prevention

Balance and Fall Prevention Rehabilitation

OrthoBethesda physical therapy provides highly specialized balance and fall prevention rehabilitation. The focus of the program is to help those that have had a history of falls or have been identified as a fall risk by their physician.

Each patient will receive a detailed physical therapy evaluation which includes:
• Review of medical history and medications
• Static and dynamic balance assessment using clinical and / or computerized testing
• Functional mobility testing
• A detailed assessment of gait, strength, and flexibility
• Vestibular system screening
• Review of the home environment
Based on the assessment result, the physical therapist develops a comprehensive and individualized plan to address your needs.

Treatment may include:
• Balance training exercises
• Gait training
• Assistive device fitting and training
• Vestibular exercises
• Strength and flexibility exercises
• General conditioning

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Balance and Fall Prevention Information

Read information here regarding OrthoBethesda's Balance and Fall Prevention Program.