4 Common Reasons Why Physical Therapy Is Important

Why Physical Therapy is Important

Physical therapy improves mobility and function in athletes and the elderly who have injuries, illnesses or medical conditions. Not everyone likes physical therapy, though. People sometimes opt for surgery because they believe it’s a faster and more effective method of treating their conditions. However, one of the main reasons why physical therapy is important is because it’s an effective and less invasive treatment method.

Here’s a brief explanation for why physical therapy is important and all the benefits you can gain when you visit a physical therapist.

What Is the Purpose of Physical Therapy?

A personalized physical therapy program will help you get back to your previous level of activity. It encourages you to make lifestyle changes that help you avoid future injury while promoting overall health and wellness.

Why Do We Need Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy is almost always a positive life-changing experience for those who work with a competent physical therapist. In some cases, it’s even more effective than going for surgery.

The most common reasons for physical therapy include the following:

1. To Remove or Reduce Pain

When you have excruciating pain in your joints, manual therapy techniques like soft tissue mobilization can reduce the pain. Other treatment techniques like electrical stimulation, taping or ultrasound (it’s not just used for imaging) can improve blood circulation and promote quicker healing. These treatment methods can also prevent recurrent pain.

2. Avoid Invasive Surgery

Whenever physical therapy can help restore joint mobility and function, surgery may be avoided. Physical therapy alone can help many injured tissues heal without stitches. And if you still need surgery, your pre-surgical therapy helps prepare you for surgery and aids in a quicker recovery after that.

3. Enhance Mobility

If you find it difficult to move, walk or stand, whether you are an active athlete or a senior citizen, physical therapy is good for you. You’ll benefit a lot from strengthening and stretching your muscles and joints. In addition to creating a personalized care plan, your therapist can help you choose the most effective assistive device, such as a walking stick or a pair of crutches.

4. Improve Recovery From a Stroke

A stroke can cost you your ability to function or move your limbs. But through physical therapy, you can increase strength in various parts of your body and regain your balance. Going through physiotherapy also allows you to regain your independence and take care of simple chores and daily activities in your home.

Why Is Physical Therapy Important After an Injury?

Your physiotherapist knows the types of injuries your favorite sport can cause. So, if you sustain an injury during sports or you have a domestic injury, your therapist will create a recovery plan and show you how to reduce the risk of developing the same injury again. Then, you’ll be able to return to your regular sports safely.

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