Robotic Surgery with Dr. Chris Cannova

Robotic Surgery with Dr. Chris Cannova

Dr. Christopher Cannova, a fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeon, shares his experience using ROSA Knee, a robotic surgical assistant that helps joint replacement surgeons provide personalized total knee replacement. Robotic joint replacement offers a more comfortable recovery when you use the ROSA System. ROSA is designed to be minimally invasive, which means a surgeon can achieve better results than with other surgery methods. The technology creates less bleeding and reduces the amount of muscle pain felt by patients, allowing them to leave the hospital faster.

More about the ROSA System

ROSA is an open-platform system that can work with various types of implants, unlike other robotic systems. It has built-in imaging capabilities, which means doctors no longer have to employ expensive preoperative imaging that takes up valuable time. The system is smart and adapts to the surgical workflow of each surgeon who uses it.

ROSA can determine the state of the soft tissues, allowing the surgeon to achieve optimal implant positioning. The system also aids with bone resections.

Why Robotic-Assisted Surgery?

Robot-assisted surgery is on the rise, with more than 30% of surgeons completing their operations with at least some assistance from a robotic system. This recent increase of robotics in the operating room indicates there may be significant benefits to undergoing robotic surgery. Though the idea of technology playing a significant role in surgery may be intimidating to some, it actually offers several benefits, such as:

  • Faster recovery times.
  • Improved accuracy and precision.
  • Less destructive and intrusive.
  • Better implants.

How Dr. Cannova’s Background Helps With Robotic Surgery

It can be quite intimidating to think about technology taking over surgical procedures, even if it’s just for joint replacement or total knee replacement surgery. Dr. Cannova is specialty trained in the newest techniques of minimally invasive hip and knee replacement surgery including partial joint replacement, joint resurfacing, and alternative bearing joints. His focus on pioneering techniques makes him the perfect candidate to use this innovative technique.

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Ultimately, all the advances we employ at OrthoBethesda are to give our patients optimal outcomes and improve their experience with us. Robotic-assisted surgery provides less-painful recovery and is safer than the alternatives. We care about accuracy and efficiency, and we know you do, too. If you are a candidate for joint replacement, contact us to request more information.

each patient should speak with their doctor about whether robotic surgery is right for their condition