Total Knee Replacement

Total Knee Replacement Arlington, Va

The knee plays a critical role in your daily activities and quality of life. It is known to be one of the essential joints of the human body due to its impact on an individual need for pain-free movement. The knee supports all aspects of daily functioning, including sitting, walking, running, and standing. It provides stability to your body’s weight and makes these movements possible. If you’re struggling with any type of knee pain, you may need a consultation with an OrthoBethesda surgeon located in Arlington, VA.


Your knee may have experienced an underlying condition or trauma caused by a sports injury, car accident, fall from heights, or other types of medical issues. The surgeon will review whether it may be time to consider a total knee replacement surgery and other treatment options. The team at OrthoBethesda is here to serve the Arlington, VA community with high-quality patient care and partner with you to ensure the care you receive is individualized and meets your needs.

The team in Arlington, VA will review the cause of your pain to decide if you are an eligible patient for a total knee replacement. Contact our surgeons in Virginia today for more information.

Explaining Total Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee arthroplasty is a technical term for total knee replacement surgery. OrthoBethesda surgeons routinely perform total knee replacements, and it is a standard recommendation for those struggling with knee joint pain. The procedure involves removing damaged, diseased, or worn bone surfaces and cartilage of the knee joint and replacing them with an artificial joint called an implant, which is also referred to as a prosthetic.

Individuals who have significant trauma or older patients who are between 60 and 80 years of age are primary candidates for total knee replacement. However, it doesn’t matter the age, patients dealing with pain might need this replacement treatment. Osteoarthritis is the primary diagnosis of individuals who may need a total knee replacement surgery. The doctor will examine your symptoms and may perform diagnostic tests during your initial visit to the OrthoBethesda Arlington, VA office before any treatment plan is developed.

What Causes Joint Damage That Leads to Replacement?

Additional conditions that might cause knee joint damage also include:

  • Various forms of arthritis
  • Unusual growth of your bones
  • Joints that experience the death of bone material
  • Deformity, trauma to the knee, or an injury to the knee in Virginia

When is it Time for a Total Knee Replacement?

Have you ever wondered when it’s time for a total knee replacement in Virginia? You can search high and low for the answers, but it all depends on the amount of pain you are in and the extent of the damage to your knees. Take into consideration the care you’ve already been through and whether or not other treatments have worked. Our team in Arlington, VA is easy to access and follows all recommended Covid 19 procedures from the CDC. Below, your search will show when it’s time for a total knee replacement surgery at our Virginia Hospital Center location:

  • You are walking awkwardly
  • You are experiencing hip pain
  • Your overall health has declined
  • You can no longer take part in easy daily activities
  • You suffer depression and sadness due to inactivity
  • You live a mostly sedentary lifestyle

Oftentimes, a patient will contact us with these questions looking for data and other information to make an informed decision about joint replacement. Patients shouldn’t be worried about the outcome as our office in Virginia Hospital Center is clean and offers various types of replacement surgeries.

Understanding the Total Knee Replacement Procedure and Process

The orthopedic doctor will ensure you’re fully aware of what the surgery involves during your visit to the Arlington office before your procedure. The typical process for patients is:

  • The day your surgery is scheduled in Virginia you will be admitted to the hospital and assigned a bed in the operating room where you will be administered anesthesia.
  • Antiseptic will be used to clean the skin located around the knee that will undergo the operation.
  • The doctor will flex your knee at a 90-degree angle, while the lower area of the leg is held in a device so that it remains still during the length of the operation.
  • The incision for the operation is made by the doctor over the knee joint. The doctor will then remove the bone surface that shows damage as well as broken cartilage using tiny tools.
  • Your health is very important during the procedure, which is why cuts are made using precise angles. The doctor will make sure that your bones align properly with the implant placed in your leg. The amount of bone that the doctor has to remove all depends on the extent of the damage to your knee discovered by the doctor.
  • The doctor will remove the kneecap’s back surface as well as the tibia’s top surface in an effort to make the bone as flat as possible.
  • The doctor then attaches the implant to the tibia, femur, and knee cap.
  • Bone cement is used to attach the implant so that it does not move from where it is supposed to be positioned during the replacement surgery in Virginia.
  • The implant is constructed of metal and is made to fit perfectly over the end of the femur.
  • A second implant is added that covers the tibia and has two parts: a plastic articular surface and a metal base plate.
  • The rear of the patella is covered by an implant made of plastic.
  • The ligaments will be adjusted by the doctor when all of the implants have been added so that your knee functions properly.
  • The tissues are sewn back into place after the doctor is satisfied with the surgery results.
  • The knee will be wrapped in a bandage before you are moved to a recovery room.

Schedule Total Knee Replacement Surgery at Our Virginia Office Today

Have you been injured in a car accident, a fall from heights, playing sports, or do you suffer from arthritis? If so, you’ve likely experienced a lot of pain throughout your legs and back and might need a surgical procedure on your knee. The quality of your life is in question if you allow the pain to continue in your joint. Our team of doctors and sports medicine staff can conduct surgery at our clinic in Arlington, Virginia so you can get back to living a normal life. Contact the OrthoBethesda office at your convenience for more information or to schedule a total knee replacement with one of our board-certified surgeons.