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Knee pain is common, especially among active adults. There are many causes for this pain and numerous treatment options. Whether you are a weekend warrior (play in sports leagues), you love to go for a daily run or walk, or simply tripped and fell at home; knee pain in Bethesda, MD, should be cared for as soon as possible to prevent any underlying issues from developing. Your orthopedic surgeons at OrthoBethesda understand how serious the consideration of knee, or foot and ankle surgery, and the subsequent physical therapy can be. That’s why you should call us for an appointment today for any foot, ankle, and knee issues. Your orthopedic surgeon will listen to your concerns and can always be counted on to deliver a great bedside manner to help answer questions about your orthopedic treatment and ease your fears.


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Kurt C. Schluntz, MD

Kurt C. Schluntz, MD

Orthopedic Knee, Shoulder & Elbow Surgeon

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Christopher J. Cannova, MD

Orthopedic Hip & Knee Surgeon

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Sridhar M. Durbhakula, MD

Orthopedic Hip & Knee Surgeon

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Lonnie D. Davis, MD

Orthopedic Elbow, Hip, Knee & Shoulder Surgeon

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Raymond Thal, MD

Orthopedic Elbow, Knee, and Shoulder Surgeon

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Suzanne J. Walters, MD

Orthopedic Knee and Shoulder Surgeon

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Rajeev Pandarinath, MD

Orthopedic Knee, Hip, and Shoulder Surgeon

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Min Lu, MD

Orthopedic Knee and Hip Surgeon

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Marc Gruner, DO

Interventional Sports Physiatrist


Knee Conditions and Treatments

Let the highly skilled Doctors at OrthoBethesda help you diagnose and treat your knee pain.


A Guide to Knees

The knee is the largest joint in the body. A healthy knee moves easily, allowing you to walk, turn, and squat without pain. A complex network of bones, cartilage, ligaments, muscles, and tendons work together to make a knee flexible.

Your knee joint is made up of three bones. Your thigh bone (femur) sits on top of your shin bone (tibia). When you bend or straighten your knee, the rounded end of your thigh bone rolls and glides across the relatively flat upper surface of your shin bone. The third bone is often called the kneecap (patella), which is attached to the muscles that allow you to straighten your knee. Your kneecap provides leverage that reduces strain on these muscles.

Ligaments (another type of soft tissue) lie along the sides and back of the knee, holding the bones of the knee joint in place. These ligaments work with the muscles that control the bones, and the tendons that connect the muscles to the bones, so you can bend and straighten your knee. Fluid-filled sacs (bursae) cushion the area where skin or tendons glide across the bone. The knee also has a lining (synovium) that secretes a clear liquid called synovial fluid. This fluid lubricates the joint, further reducing friction and making movement easier.

Knee pain and discomfort is very common and can be caused by a variety of different issues. Many of which can be treated without surgery. You can trust the OrthoBethesda Team of doctors to correctly diagnose and provide a treatment plan that will get you on your feet.

How Knee Injuries Impact the Body

Knee injuries, no matter their severity, have an impact on the body. Firstly, you will likely compensate for the injury, which means you could put too much pressure or stress on your ankle, hip, foot, or the good leg because the pain is too difficult to handle. The great orthopedic replacement team of doctors at OrthoBethesda in Bethesda, MD, can help you receive the treatment you deserve based on your knee conditions.

The Right Orthopedic Surgeons to Treat Your Knee

The orthopedic surgeons in Bethesda, MD, know how challenging it is to live with a knee injury. Knee surgery performed by an orthopedic surgeon from OrthoBethesda starts with a minimally invasive procedure to determine the extent of the knee injury. If it is determined that surgery is required, we can ensure you have the right orthopedic surgeon working to repair your knee. Orthopedic care from our doctors can help patients get back to living a life free of pain.

Having a knee injury treated by an orthopedic surgeon can help you get back to living your best life. You may have noticed the pain makes it difficult to:
  • Walk
  • Run
  • Sit
  • Stand
  • Work
  • Drive
  • Move freely

The orthopedic surgeons in Bethesda, Maryland, which is an easy drive from Washington, DC, can ensure that you receive the proper treatment for a knee injury. If surgery is required, an orthopedic surgeon will review the procedure with you so that you have all of the information before going under the knife and you have confidence in your doctor.

Recovering from Surgery

The recovery period after total knee replacement surgery lasts for roughly 12 weeks. It is a very important period that needs to be monitored closely. You need to follow all of the directions provided by your orthopedic surgeon. Rehabilitation will begin the day immediately following surgery. The physical therapist will have you up and walking around your hospital room or the hallway using a cane, crutches, or a walker. You will likely not be discharged from the hospital until day three has passed following the medical procedure with our specialists.

It is recommended that once you are back home you should do as much as physically possible in order to continue gaining strength and mobility in your knee and leg. Sitting for long periods can make it much more difficult to stand up, walk, or move around the house. Your doctor will provide you with a list of exercises that you should be able to perform week-to-week. These exercises could include any of the following for your hip, knee, and leg:

  • Toe and heel raises
  • Partial knee bends
  • Hip abductions
  • Leg balances
  • Step-ups
  • Riding a stationary bike

Once you hit week 12 of your recovery you should be able to take part in the following activities:

  • Skiing
  • Aerobics
  • Basketball
  • Running
  • Cycling
  • Football

It can take up to three months for knee surgery patients to return to most of the physical activities they took part in prior to surgery. It might also take anywhere from six months to one year for the knee to regain the strength it had prior to your injury. At this point of the recovery period, it is 90-95 percent likely that your new knee will last 10 years and 80-85 percent likely that it will last 20! Our doctors are available for follow-up care and ready to answer any questions for the patient. It is important for the patient to stay in touch with your doctor and the medical team from OrthoBethesda throughout the recovery period and report any issues in order to achieve and maintain the best recovery results.

Possible Complications of Knee Surgery

As with any type of procedure, there are possible complications for patients of all ages. Our specialists will explain these complications prior to the appointment so you have an understanding of what you could be dealing with after the procedure is completed. Possible complications include the following:

  • Deep vein thrombosis
  • Infection
  • Arthrofibrosis
  • Osteolysis
  • Blood clots
  • Pain
  • The need for a second knee replacement surgery

Even though there are possible complications, the outcome of the procedure could be great for your overall health. If the procedure is successful you should experience an improvement in the quality of your life, an increase in your activity levels, and an improvement in your mobility. Schedule an appointment with the experienced and trusted orthopedic surgeons at OrthoBethesda today.

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If you have suffered an injury to your leg and require knee surgery in Bethesda, MD, it is time to talk to the orthopedic surgeons at OrthoBethesda. Our orthopedic team is available and can help you with total replacement of the knees, minimally invasive procedures, physical therapy, knee surgery, and many other orthopedic treatments. Call us today in Bethesda, MD, to schedule an appointment at (301) 530-1010 for treatment, surgery, or physical therapy. We are centrally located so that patients living anywhere in Maryland can easily access our center.

Aside from having experience with the leg, our orthopedic surgeons can also help patients with issues related to carpal tunnel, shoulder surgery, sports medicine injuries, hand/wrist problems, rotator cuff injuries, tennis elbow, cubital tunnel syndrome, pain in the hand, and pain in the shoulder. Let our medical team of specialists provide you with the results necessary to return to an active life in Maryland. You deserve expert care when it comes to orthopedic issues. Put your trust in the OrthoBethesda doctors when you require procedures for your shoulder, leg, top of the hand, or other pain throughout the body.

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Dr. O'Brien Testimonial

Late last year, I was told I would need knee surgery. I visited Dr. O’Brien, and he examined the MRI and concluded that all I needed was PT. He was right! I had one steroid injection and PT and now walk 5 miles with no knee problems. THANK YOU for your good advice and a conservative approach. You are seriously good!

- R.E.  

Physical Therapy Testimonial

My post op PT for a total knee replacement has been excellent. My physical therapist has put together a targeted plan that works with each stage of the healing process. Highly recommended.

- C.B.  

Dr. Schluntz Testimonial

This is probably the best doctor to see in the DC area if you have any joint injury. I am a very critical person relatively speaking, so this review should mean a lot to anyone reading it who knows me. P.S. I injured my knee during a soccer game. I saw this doctor on April 26, 2019.

- J.T.  

Dr. Schluntz Testimonial

Just completed a 63 mile bike tour through West Virginia with my new knee. Glad to report that new knee worked better than the old knee, and that I completed the tour in a record time. Hats off to Dr. Schluntz and the rehab unit. Leg is as strong as it has ever been! I have recommended Dr. Schluntz to others and would gladly have…

- J.C. 09/20/2017

Dr. Schluntz Testimonial

Dr. Schluntz is exactly what you want your doctor to be! I had my full knee replacement 9 days ago and I am walking on my own without any devises! Of course, I am still taking pain killers… Dr. Schluntz is a magician and definitely the best orthopedic surgeon in this area. Just follow his orders and you will understand how knowlegible and experienced he…

- N.G.  

Dr. Cannova Testimonial

I cannot praise this clinic enough.  I had my initial knee replacement operation in 2002 in Virginia.  I decided to have my revision in 2019 in this clinic when I heard of the phenomenal work of Dr. Christopher Cannova. I was NOT disappointed!  The surgery was a great success, and the intervention above and beyond replacement was exemplary.  Diagnosed with osteolysis particle disease, I was…

- S.E.  

Dr. Bhattacharyya Testimonial

I sing praises to DR. TIMOTHY BHATTACHARYYA, who has shown my elderly mother caring and compassion, as well as his highly regarded medical expertise as she suffered significant issues with her hip, knees and ankle over the last four months. Dr. Bhattacharyya is not only top in his field medically, he is second to none at reading our faces and taking pause to ensure we…

- E.A.  

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