Robotic Knee Replacement

Robotic Knee Replacement

The healthcare industry is reaching a turning point, as both competition and patient volumes continue to grow. As with any other sector, many companies are turning to technology as a way to enhance performance and stand out from their competitors.

Robotic tools are one example of new technology that is appearing in more and more health institutions. At OrthoBethesda, we’re keeping up with the innovation our industry is experiencing by implementing the use of robotics during knee replacement surgeries.


Benefits of Using Robotics for Surgery

Though the idea of technology playing a significant role in surgery may be intimidating to some, it actually offers several benefits, such as:

  • Improved Accuracy and Precision: Even though surgeons are expected to have the steadiest hands around, there is always a small chance for human error in any medical procedure. Robotic arms add an extra level of accuracy and precision to surgeries.
  • Less Destructive and Intrusive: When a surgeon uses robotics during an operation, they can typically make smaller incisions, which results in a reduced likelihood that the patient will experience pain or injury in the ligaments surrounding the knee following the procedure.
  • Increased Consistency: Along with being more precise, robotic technology is more consistent than humans. Whether you’re comparing procedures among one institution or between a few different practices, robotic-assisted surgeries have more consistent results than traditional methods.
  • Higher Chance for Restoring Mobility and Movement: When patients undergo robotic-assisted procedures, they are not quite as long and result in smaller, more exact incisions. Because of this, many people experience reduced recovery periods, as well as an increased chance of restoring complete mobility and freedom of movement.

Robotic Knee Replacement Services From OrthoBethesda

During a robotic-assisted total knee replacement, a surgeon will use robotic arm technology for assistance during the procedure. Also, your surgeon will be able to reference a 3D model of your unique anatomy and perform a “virtual” operation before the real one. This way, they can go into the surgery knowing exactly where the damaged bone and cartilage is upon making the first cut.

Your surgeon at OrthoBethesda will carefully evaluate your personalized operation plan, then use a robotic arm to make precise incisions. They will even be able to balance your knee in a straight line, then make any necessary adjustments based on its structure. When a patient’s knee is not corrected to be in a straight line, they have a much higher risk of experiencing issues after their knee replacement. With the assistance of a robotic arm, however, your surgeon at OrthoBethesda will ensure your total knee replacement will yield long-term results.

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