Types of Bursitis

Dated on: 10/03/2019 | Post By: orthobethesda

Bursitis is a painful ailment affecting your joints. Fluid-filled sacs known as bursae act as a cushion between your tendons, bones, muscles and joints. Inflammation of these sacs is called bursitis. It's a fairly common condition, but many individuals treat inflammation of the bursa at home and don't see their doctor, so it's difficult to know exactly how common it really is. While bursitis can occur in any area of your body where you have bursae, there are a few specific types of bursitis, which we cover in this article. You'll also learn the causes and symptoms of each type, treatment options and how to [ ... ]

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Why Knee & Joint Pain Increase When It’s Cold

Dated on: 07/29/2019 | Post By: orthobethesda

You may have been wondering: "Why do my legs hurt when it is cold?" Joint pains are symptoms of an injury or an underlying health condition. But cold weather does create joint pains, especially when you must spend time outdoors during winter. Let's take a brief look at the reasons for this kind of pain and how you can get it treated. What Is the Cause of Knee Pain in Cold Weather? At the end of the fall or during winter, complaints about joint pain are usually heard more than other seasons of the year. There's inadequate research to prove [ ... ]

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4 Common Injuries Swimmers Should Be Aware Of

Dated on: 06/17/2019 | Post By: orthobethesda

Swimming is a great low-impact workout that can be enjoyed by many who suffer from orthopedic conditions. However, if you're a competitive swimmer or someone who swims a lot in your leisure time, you should know that a few common injuries can occur due to overuse of certain muscles, joints and body parts. In this post, we will discuss four of the most common injuries swimmers should be aware of. 1. Swimmer's Shoulder Swimmer’s shoulder is one of the most common swimming injuries. Rather than being a single type of injury, swimmer's shoulder is actually an umbrella term that covers [ ... ]

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Top 7 Stretches to Relieve Knee Pain for Athletes

Dated on: 04/03/2019 | Post By: orthobethesda

Athletes like you want to push their limits every day to become better at what they do. However, putting your joints under too much stress can cause pain and inflammation. You can use the following athletic stretches to prevent knee pain. We also suggest these stretches for knee pain that already exists. Please note that the best knee stretches for runners and athletes will depend on the nature of their individual injury or pain. An orthopedic specialist can help you find the right exercises for you. 1. Lunging Hip Flexor The lunging hip flexor stretch makes the hips more flexible [ ... ]

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