What to Wear to Your Physical Therapy Appointment

What to Wear To Physical Therapy Appointment

If you’re going to see your physical therapist, then you may wonder what clothes you should put on. While there’s no dress code established for patients who need physical therapy, some types of clothing will help your treatment while others won’t benefit you at all.

What to Wear to Your First Physical Therapy Appointment

Get ready to move a lot during the first physical therapy session. Ensure you put on clothing you can move freely in. When you’re choosing your clothing for your physical therapy session, you also need to consider the part of your body the therapist will work on.

For instance, if you’re treating shoulder pain, you should put on a shirt that allows access to your arm and shoulder. Remember, your therapist must have a good view of the body part that needs treatment. You can also ask your therapist about what you should put on when you’re getting ready for your first therapy session.

Here are some of the common clothing items you can choose for a physical therapy appointment:

  • Clothes designed for working out: You can wear t-shirts, yoga pants, gym shorts or tank tops.
  • Sports shoes: You can wear gym shoes, trainers or running shoes.

Clothes to Avoid During Physical Therapy

You shouldn’t wear clothes that restrict movement or make you feel uncomfortable. Here are some clothing items you should avoid:

  • Tight clothing: You must not wear any tight clothes that restrict blood flow or movement. Your therapist will move your joints, limbs and other parts of your body repeatedly, so you must wear loose-fitting clothes.
  • Work clothes: Work clothes aren’t designed for therapy. They’ll also restrict your movement, so make sure you bring workout clothes to change into before you start your therapy session if you’re coming in from work.
  • Dress shoes: These are not good for therapy because they’re usually tight-fitting.
  • Jewelry: Bracelets, necklaces and earrings could cause scratches or injury. They could also hinder your therapist from working your muscles and joints effectively.

What to Wear to Physical Therapy for a Lower Back Injury

If you need therapy for a lower back condition, you can wear a loose T-shirt or shoulder tank top. Put on loose pants with an adjustable waistband. Avoid wearing clothing that uses a leather belt and wear athletic shoes, so you can perform exercises without getting hurt.

Can You Wear Jeans to Physical Therapy?

Most jeans are tight-fitting, so you should avoid wearing them to a physical therapy session. Jeans are also heavy and could weigh you down when you have to do certain exercises. You should put on light gym shorts or pants, instead.

Get More Information About Physical Therapy and Clothing

If you need help preparing for your first physical therapy session, call us now. You can speak to one of our physical therapists who will tell you all you need to know about dressing appropriately for physical therapy. We also offer physical therapy for all ailments related to bones, muscles, ligaments, sprains, strains and fractures. Our therapists will help you speed up recovery, develop strength and increase your range of motion.

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