Our Physical Therapists

Our Physical Therapists

The OrthoBethesda Therapists are highly trained and dedicated to providing you with friendly and compassionate care.

Physical Therapy Testimonial

I’m on 3rd week of PT. Helen introduced passive range of shoulder external rotation, While lying on my back I succeeded in raising my surgical arm overhead w/the aid of my left arm, 3 sets 10 reps – slow, gentle passive movement. For warm-up I do isometric exercises to improve my wrist, elbow and grip strength. Relax, Relax, Relax is my PT’s mantra! A big…

- T.H.

Hand Therapy Testimonial

I would like to extend my compliments to the staff at OrthoBethesda. I am a patient of Dr. Bieber (have been for over 30 years…). at the end of June, I fell on my right hand and repeated it in a much more dramatic way at the end of July. In both cases and with the guidance of Dr. Bieber I had the good fortune…

- R.E.

Physical Therapy Testimonial

Service was great Zed is terrific PT. My second time using him.

- W. H.

Physical Therapy Testimonial

“My wife is near the last phases of her Physical Therapy with OrthoBethesda. She broke her left humerus in October 2016, had a total shoulder arthroplasty with Dr. Bieber, and started her therapy with you almost immediately. She has done exceptionally well in her recovery and this is due to orthoBethesda’s fine care and wonderful caring people in all aspects of the PT operation. Being…

- D.M.

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