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Shoulder issues are more common than you might think. Patients of all ages visit OrthoBethesda and our team of experienced and trusted doctors because they are dealing with shoulder pain, shoulder injuries, or other issues. Painful problems should never be ignored, especially when it is present in one of the most important joints of the body. Shoulder injuries can prevent you from working, taking care of your children, or getting things done around the house. An orthopedic surgeon at OrthoBethesda can examine your situation and determine the best orthopedic treatment option in Northern Virginia.

Frequently Asked Shoulder Replacement Questions

What is a shoulder replacement surgery?

If you decide to undergo medical shoulder replacement surgery near Arlington, VA, with an orthopedic surgeon, the procedure will involve the replacement of damaged parts of the shoulder with artificial parts. If both sides of the joint are resurfaced, this is known as total shoulder replacement. Partial shoulder replacement surgery is when only the joint ball is replaced.

How can I prepare for shoulder replacement surgery?

If it is determined, after consulting with a sports medicine specialist or an orthopedic surgeon during an in-person or telemedicine appointment, that shoulder replacement surgery is your best option, an appointment for the surgery will be scheduled at OrthoBethesda. You might be asked to undergo a full medical evaluation by your primary care physician prior to the procedure. This informs the surgeon about any medical issues you have so that they can be treated correctly during the procedure.

What occurs during the surgery?

On the day of your scheduled procedures, an IV will be inserted into your arm so that you can be administered fluids and medications while undergoing the procedure. Anesthesia will be administered in the operating room. Once you are under, the area the surgeon will operate on will be sterilized.

The joint is exposed when an incision is made by the doctor. Precision tools are used to make the incision and to cut the humeral head. The new metal ball and stem are inserted through the incision. If the socket needs to be repaired it will be smoothed and a new plastic surface is inserted. The doctor and staff will then join the ball and the socket.

The incision site will be closed and bandaged once the doctor is satisfied with the repairs made to your joint. A drain might be needed to remove fluid that accumulates naturally during the procedure, which usually takes anywhere from one to three hours to complete.

You will be moved to a recovery room so staff can monitor you as you come out of the anesthesia. You will be tasked with coughing or clearing your throat in an effort to clear out your lungs. A brace will be on your arm and an ice pack should be applied to help reduce pain and swelling. Pain medication will be administered as prescribed by your orthopedic surgeon.

What should I expect following surgery?

Once you have been moved to a regular hospital room in our center, our orthopedic care team might get you up and out of bed to briskly move around the room. In the days following the procedure, you will move around the hospital wing more often, medication will still be administered, and therapy will also be started. The stay in the hospital will last between one and three days. The area that was operated on will likely feel warm to the touch. Before you leave our Arlington orthopedic facility, you will be shown exercises that you can conduct at home to help continue your recovery.

How quickly can I return to physical activities?

Treatment for your joint surgery at our center for sports injuries can help you regain mobility and range of motion in just a few visits. These questions are some of the most common for those who live an active lifestyle in Virginia. Our doctors will tell you that you can return to normal activities not long after surgery, but contact sports should not be played. You should also avoid doing anything that involves repetitive motion of the impacted joint. A second replacement surgery will not be a successful treatment as the first.

Be sure to talk with your doctors or surgeons about the following and how they impact the longevity of the replacement joint:

  • Avoiding repetitive heavy lifting
  • Avoiding “jamming” activities such as hammering
  • Staying healthy and active
  • Avoiding “impact loading” sports such as boxing
  • Consulting your surgeon before beginning any new sport or activity, to discuss what type and intensity of sport or activity is appropriate for you
  • Thinking before you move
  • Not lifting or pushing heavy objects

How long does the replacement joint last?

The longevity of the replacement joint differs between patients in Virginia based on various factors, including how the patient responds to physical therapy at our clinic for sports injuries.

The following factor into how long a replacement joint will last for a patient:
  • The physical condition of the patient
  • The patient’s activity levels
  • The accuracy of the area of placement of the implant during the surgery

It is important to note that a replacement implant is not as strong or as durable as a natural joint that is healthy. There are zero guarantees that an implant will last the remainder of a patient’s life, even with physical therapy in Northern Virginia. An orthopedic surgeon from Orthobethesda can ensure that patients receive the proper care for the injuries to the shoulder joint.

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