Shoulder Fracture Repair Surgery in Arlington, VA

Shoulder Fracture Surgery

The shoulder joint has a few different parts that can break when a patient suffers an injury. For example, the ball, or the humerus, can break if you fall on your shoulder. The socket, which is known as the glenoid, can also break in an accident. It is possible to treat the majority of shoulder injuries, including rotator cuff injuries, with conservative methods, such as rest, medication, wearing a splint, and elevation. However, there are times where the injury to the shoulder joint is so severe that surgery is required in Northern Virginia. Surgery is a smart option so the patient avoids developing arthritis or living with pain for a prolonged period.


What Can Cause Shoulder Fractures?

Shoulder fractures are often caused by any of the following impacts on the shoulder:

  • Collision (sports)
  • Auto accident
  • Fall

The majority of scapula fractures seen in our Arlington OrthoBethesda center occur from a collision at high rates of speed when riding in a motor vehicle.

What are the Symptoms of a Shoulder Fracture?

The medical team at OrthoBethesda in Arlington, VA, explain the symptoms of an orthopedic shoulder fracture as any of the following:

  • Deformity of the shoulder, especially a bump
  • A grinding sensation while moving the shoulder
  • Inability to move the arm or shoulder
  • Bruising and swelling
  • Severe pain
  • Tenderness

These symptoms are also present in severe injuries in the rotator cuff as well. Proper diagnosis and proper care for a shoulder fracture or rotator cuff injury are both necessary and you may be recommended to undergo shoulder surgery. Your best option is to get this treatment from the trusted and experienced surgeons at OrthoBethesda.

Treatment Options for Shoulder Fractures

The type of treatment recommended by the surgeon at our center will depend on the severity of the fracture in your shoulder. Patients differ from each other when it comes to a shoulder fracture injury. A treatment method should not be decided on by a physician until imaging tests have been conducted. If the fracture was labeled as non-displaced, it will likely be treated with immobilization in a sling until the fracture heals. Make sure you keep the elbow, wrist, and fingers mobile while the shoulder is not so you do not experience stiffness when healing from a rotator cuff injury.

If your shoulder was dislocated in an accident or collision, the first method of treatment is to reduce the severity of the dislocation before looking at surgical repair options or replacement. When dealing with dislocation, the medical team will put the ball back into the socket. For this treatment option, the patient will be administered pain relief medication and mild sedation as this is a very painful procedure. An x-ray will be conducted to determine the success of the procedure. Once the x-ray is done, you will require surgery to repair any torn tissues.

Should you suffer a shoulder fracture where the fragments become displaced, you will require surgical treatment from our medical team at OrthoBethesda to put the pieces back together using pins, screws, plates, or wires. In the most severe cases, the ball of the joint is crushed or broken. When this happens, the surgeon will need to perform shoulder replacement surgery at our center to repair your problems.

What is the Recovery Time for Shoulder Surgery?

Undergoing joint surgery is not an easy decision. That’s why you should prepare ahead of time by obtaining as much information related to the procedure as possible from our orthopedic surgeon. The time required for full recovery following surgery depends on the severity of the injury you suffered. You will definitely require physical therapy.

The first 10 days following the procedure will be very difficult, which is why you will require someone to help care for you. This person will need to assist you with eating, getting dressed, bathing, brushing your teeth, and many other everyday physical activities.

Your comfort levels can be handled with pain medication prescribed by our orthopedic team. Regular x-rays will need to be taken to monitor the healing progress of your arm. It could take as much as 12 weeks to completely heal from this related procedure of the upper arm. You will need to take part in range-of-motion exercises while you are in our care from the orthopedic surgical procedure.

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