Spinal Decompression Treatment in Arlington, VA

Chronic back pain is a serious issue that many patients continue to live with instead of seeking treatment because they don’t know what their options are, both surgical and non-surgical. The experienced and trusted team at OrthoBethesda in Arlington, VA, is proud to offer treatment for pain in the lower back, spinal column, or any other area of the body because of pinched nerves or compression of the spinal column. The treatment we offer is spinal decompression therapy. Chronic and acute back pain can ruin your life. Stop living with it and call the trusted surgical team at OrthoBethesda today for an appointment.


Available Spinal Decompression Treatment Options

We use a general term to describe the surgical options for back pain and that is spinal decompression surgery. Pain is caused by pressure placed on the spinal cord and the nerves that surround it. Your overall health can be greatly impacted by this pain, which is why you should seek care at OrthoBethesda for your injury. Every patient has an individual treatment method determined following diagnosis and a physical evaluation.


This procedure is used in patients suffering from severe back pain in Virginia. The doctor will remove a portion of the lamina, which protects the spinal cord. One side of the lamina is removed, while the other is left intact during decompression treatment of the spine. Doing so keeps the support of the lamina in place, helping you with spinal stability. An endoscope is often used for a laminotomy, providing you with a quicker recovery period for your health.


When the OrthoBethesda surgeons schedule you for a laminectomy, they will remove the lamina from your back. The thickened ligaments that surround the lamina will also be removed in patients scheduled for this procedure. A laminectomy removes the bony growth in the spinal canal, which is often the main cause of spinal arthritis.


Another spinal decompression therapy option if non-surgical treatments did not work is that of laminoplasty. This procedure helps to remove pressure in the neck that is being caused by the spinal cord. This type of pressure can be caused by arthritis, tumors, fractures, or bone spurs. This procedure is usually only required when the pain is present in your neck.


The space around a bone in the spinal column is expanded in this procedure to help reduce the pressure of compressed nerves during spinal decompression therapy. The bone found around the neural foramen is removed. This decompression treatment method is used when the patient suffers a ruptured disc that led the foramen to collapse and compress a nerve close to it.


If the surgeon opts to use discectomy as the preferred spinal decompression method in a patient, it is because a disc has been damaged. Spinal decompression health care involving discectomy will remove the damaged disc or a portion of it. Doing so will relieve the pressure on the nerves surrounding the disc. Decompression is an important treatment method for the spine of patients of all ages. Get the help you need from OrthoBethesda today.

Recovering from Spinal Decompression Surgery

Spinal stenosis or spinal decompression surgery can help you get your life back. Relief from painful issues often requires more than one treatment method. You will need to undergo a bit of physical therapy following the procedure in order to regain mobility and range of motion.

Surgery for your spine is an inpatient procedure. You will be tasked with moving about the day following the surgery and your hospital stay will range from one to four days. It can take anywhere from four to six weeks to gain the mobility you wish for your spine to obtain following spinal decompression surgery.

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