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The sports medicine team at our Virginia hospital at OrthoBethesda have the experience necessary to evaluate, diagnose, and treat all types of sports related injuries. We understand that hand, foot, wrist, leg, and other joint or tendon injuries can cause a lot of pain. We also know that your sports injuries can prevent you from doing what you love. Get back in the game quickly by using the orthopedic experts for minimally invasive procedures available at OrthoBethesda in Arlington, VA.

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Sports Medicine in Virginia for the Modern Athlete

The modern athlete in all of us deserves the best orthopedic treatment methods available, including physical therapy and any surgical procedures possible. Getting back in the game or back to work as soon as possible after suffering an injury is important to everyone, including the sports medicine team at OrthoBethesda.

One of the most common sports injuries we treat at our Virginia orthopedic center in Arlington is a torn ACL. The ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) is one of four ligaments that help to stabilize the knee. Ligaments are simply soft tissues that connect joints to each other. A joint can become unstable if a ligament around it becomes torn.

How an ACL Can Tear

It’s important to have an understanding of how an ACL can tear when you exercise often or take part in sports. Having an understanding of how the ACL works can help you prevent an orthopedic injury. If an injury cannot be prevented, a minimally invasive procedure at our center with a sports medicine professional can help patients of all ages who have suffered an ACL tear.

An ACL often tears when patients land awkwardly when jumping during exercising or during a sporting event. Pivoting the wrong way while running, jumping, or doing any other type of physical activity can also cause your ACL to tear.

When the ACL tears, the patient likely feels a pop or snap in their knee. They also might not be able to put pressure on the leg impacted by the injury. It is possible that the tibia could slide forward unnaturally after tearing your ACL. It’s also possible that you feel the joint sliding out of place when you move after the tear happens. The initial ACL tear injury might not cause you a lot of pain. However, the further you get away from the injury the more pain will develop. The ACL tear will cause the knee to swell and pressure to build, leading to a lot of orthopedic pain that requires medicine, rest, and surgery in our Virginia hospital to repair the damage.

Seek Medical Treatment Immediately

The sports medicine team at the OrthoBethesda center in Virginia recommends seeking immediate medical care if you suspect you have suffered a torn ACL due to playing sports. The proper care cannot be administered until you have undergone a physical evaluation by our doctors at the hospital or at an urgent care center. In almost all instances, the hospital will want to administer an x-ray to determine the extent of the damage and make sure that it is just the ACL affected and not any other knee ligaments. You might be issued a knee brace or some other type of immobilizing device to prevent further damage to your knee. If the pain is unbearable, you might be prescribed medicine to alleviate it during care.

Be sure to apply ice to the knee for at least 20 minutes at a time. Let 40 minutes pass between sessions of icing your knee during at-home care in Virginia. Icing the knee helps with reducing swelling and alleviating pain. Be sure to avoid putting the ice directly on your skin. Elevate the leg as much as possible to avoid swelling.

The need for surgery can only be determined by meeting with our sports medicine team at our Virginia hospital. Physical therapy before or after surgery will always be on the table when it comes to an ACL tear.


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Suffering an ACL tear is painful. You will not be able to regain mobility or strength in the impacted leg until you meet with an experienced and trusted sports medicine physician at OrthoBethesda. Our physicians understand the medical impact an ACL tear has on your overall life and health. We will conduct a thorough analysis of the injury and provide detailed treatment recommendations, including therapy. Contact a physician at OrthoBethesda for an appointment today. Call our office at (301) 530-1010 to schedule your appointments at our hospital with our trusted team.