Elbow Contracture Release in Bethesda, MD

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If you’ve suffered a blow to or fallen on your elbow, you may develop loss of motion that limits the full arc of your arm. This situation can make everyday activities, such as carrying bags or picking up purses or backpacks, nearly impossible. Your elbow may become stiff, making regular flexion impossible. When this issue occurs, you may have to consider surgery if physical therapy and splinting do not solve the problem.

High-Quality Elbow Capsular Release Treatment

Arthroscopic release of a stiff elbow can address the condition and get your elbow back to normal. We offer high-quality elbow capsular release treatment in Bethesda, MD. Our top-notch team has performed many of these procedures and understands the importance of keeping our patients informed, relaxed and comfortable before, during and after surgery.

We accept referrals from primary care physicians. We want you to find relief from your condition, and we’ll attempt more conservative measures before moving to surgery. If surgery is needed, we’ll keep you informed about what we’re doing and encourage your questions so that you feel confident moving forward.


Symptoms of Elbow Contracture

Elbow contracture usually happens after a traumatic event, though it can also be congenital. Signs of this condition include:

  • Elbow stiffness
  • Inability to flex your arm

Unlike so many of the conditions we treat, pain is not usually associated with elbow contracture.

What Happens During Arthroscopic Release of a Stiff Elbow?

To diagnose elbow contracture, we’ll perform a physical exam, look at your medical history and take X-rays or perform an MRI. After we’ve exhausted other treatment options, such as physical therapy — which can sometimes result in elbow inflammation — we’ll prepare you for surgery. The surgery aims to restore range of motion and stabilize the elbow.

The surgery is very technical, but it can be performed on an outpatient basis. Patients of more experienced surgeons generally experience fewer post-surgery complications. After the procedure, you’ll return to our office for post-operative care and follow-up appointments. It can take several weeks to recover.

Why Choose OrthoBethesda for Elbow Contracture Release?

At OrthoBethesda, we care about our patients and their standard of living. We want to help you return to a normal range of motion for your elbow and improve your quality of life. When you choose us to provide arthroscopic release of your stiff elbow, you’ll get a team dedicated to your care.

We provide sympathetic, expert assistance that will make your surgery and recovery easier. We’ll explain everything to you in language you can understand, and we’ll encourage your questions so that you get a handle on your condition and how we plan to treat it. We want you to feel comfortable and ready for surgery.

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