Tricep Repair Surgery

Tricep Repair Surgery

Tricep rupture surgery is a procedure performed to repair a tear in the triceps tendon. A triceps tendon rupture can occur when the tendon linking the bone of the arm to the tricep gets torn. When this issue occurs, you’ll feel a lot of pain, and you won’t be able to straighten out the elbow.

Although a partial tear of the triceps tendon may heal after conservative treatment, patients suffering from a full tendon rupture need surgery to repair it. Our team of orthopedic doctors in Bethesda, MD, who specialize in hand and elbow surgery and sports medicine, will help you examine your arm and determine the best treatment plan for quick recovery.


What Is Triceps Repair Surgery?

This procedure is done with anesthesia, so you won’t experience pain. Your surgeon will make an incision on the backside of your elbow. Then, the tendon will be stitched to repair it and attach it securely to your elbow through tunnels or anchors. After the surgery, your elbow will be placed in a cast or splint to enhance healing.

What Are the Causes of Triceps Tendon Rupture?

Triceps run from the back of your shoulder to the back of your elbow. Repetitive throwing can cause wear and tear of the muscle, but injuries usually happen when a force tries to bend your elbow while the triceps are trying to extend it. This situation occurs when football players collide and block on the field, for instance. If the muscle experiences a force that’s greater than the strength of the muscle fiber, a tear will occur, leading to pain and swelling at the back of the elbow and inability to keep the arm straight.

How Is Triceps Tendon Rupture Diagnosed?

When you visit our clinic, we’ll take you into one of our physical therapy suites. There, we’ll carry out a thorough examination and evaluation of your symptoms. We’ll also take your medical and activity history before we perform various imaging tests. We’ll use MRI scans to discover the root cause of the pain and confirm that you have a tear in your triceps tendon. The imaging tests will also allow us to know the extent of the tear and whether you need surgery to restore your tendon.

Recovery After Surgery

After your tricep tendon rupture treatment, you’ll need to keep your elbow immobilized for a few weeks. After you start moving your elbow, you’ll need to go through physical therapy to regain your full strength and enjoy a full range of motion. While the procedure is completed within a relatively short time, recovery and full healing takes months. Before you undergo the surgery, your doctor will discuss the time it will take for you to resume your usual sports activities.

Learn More About Triceps Tendon Repair Surgery at OrthoBethesda

If you’re a baseball or volleyball player — or you’ve injured your elbow and you’re experiencing pain — please contact us at OrthoBethesda. Our team of highly skilled orthopedic doctors is waiting to examine you and give the best personalized treatment to relieve your pain. We offer triceps tendon repair surgery at our Bethesda, MD, clinic to residents of the city and its surrounding areas.

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