Orthotic Care Expectations

What Are Foot Orthotics?

Foot orthotics are a custom made in-shoe insert or footbed molded or designed around your unique foot shape.

What Do Foot Orthotics Do?

Foot Orthoses provide support for the foot by redistributing ground reaction forces as well as realigning foot joints while standing, walking, or running. Orthotics may be used to aid people with foot problems as well as knee, hip, and spine issues.

Who Uses Foot Orthotics?

Foot Orthotics are used by everyone from athletes to the elderly to accommodate biomechanical deformities and improve a variety of soft tissue inflammatory conditions. They may also be used in conjunction with properly fitted orthopedic footwear for the prevention of foot ulcers in the at-risk diabetic foot population.

OrthoBethesda offers the latest in custom foot orthotics. We begin with a thorough foot and ankle exam, followed by casting or scanning of your feet. Your orthoses will be fabricated to the exacting specifications of your physician’s orders, your therapists’ objective findings, your biomechanic needs, and your subjective comfort. Fabrication takes 4 weeks from the date of your initial evaluation and you will be notified when they are complete. During the orthotics issue/fit/train session, you will receive your custom orthoses as well as training and education on orthotic use and proper shoewear. A follow-up visit 4 weeks later completes the program.

We encourage you to share all you can about your current functional abilities to assist our therapists and fabricators in providing you the most appropriate device.

What to Expect From Our Orthotic Program

1) On your first visit, our front desk staff will have you fill out a demographics sheet and other intake forms. OrthoBethesda will inform you of your financial obligation towards a pair of custom orthotics.

2) Our Physical Therapist/Pedorthist, Chris Gracey, will ask you questions regarding your history of foot and ankle pain, your current functional abilities, and any deficits you may be experiencing.

3) You will be asked to perform some simple tasks such as standing and walking while the therapist observes, makes notes, and provides direct education on their observations

4) An image of your feet will be captured with a 3D scanner, foam box, or a plaster wrap.

5) The most appropriate styles of orthoses will be discussed and you become part of the decision-making process!

6) Your orthoses will be expertly crafted and ready for delivery in 4 weeks.

7) A food and ankle Issue/Fit/Train session will help you become accustomed to your new custom orthotics and on your way to enjoying reduced pain and improved function.

For more information, please contact your OrthoBethesda Physical Therapist.

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