MIS 2-Incision Procedure Overview

MIS 2-Incision Procedure Overview

Faster, Less Painful Recovery

People with hip pain have a new minimally invasive alternative to traditional hip replacement surgery that is making recovery faster and less painful.

Recovering from traditional hip replacement surgery can be a long, painful process. Traditional surgery involves a long incision and the surgeon has to cut muscles, tendons and ligaments to access the hip joint. The more tissues that are cut, the longer it usually takes patients to heal.

The Zimmer Minimally Invasive Solutions™ (MIS™ ) 2-Incision™ hip replacement procedure is one of the least invasive hip replacement procedures available today. Adapted surgical techniques and tools allow 2-Incision surgeons to place the same, proven hip implant in a manner that allows muscles and tendons to be avoided or separated, rather than cut.


The potential benefits of Zimmer MIS 2-Incision hip replacement include:

  • Less tissue trauma – muscles and tendons are avoided or separated, not cut
  • Faster and less painful rehabilitation
  • Smaller incisions and less scarring – two incisions of 1½ to 2 inches each, rather than one 10- to 12-inch incision
  • Shorter hospital stay – 1-2 days (vs. 3-5 days); some patients go home in less than 24 hours
  • Reduced blood loss and less need for pre-surgery blood donation
  • Faster return to work and daily activities
Zimmer MIS Anterolateral Hip Procedure Zimmer MIS 2-Incision Hip Procedure Zimmer MIS Posterior Hip Procedure Traditional Hip Replacement
Incision One 21/2 -31/2 inch incision Two 11/2– to 2-inch incision One 21/2 – to 31/2-inch incision One 10- to 12-inch incision
Tissue Trauma Muscles and tendons avoided Muscles and tendons avoided Fewer muscles and tendons cut or seperated More muscles and tendons cut or

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