Arthroscopic Shoulder Stabilization Surgery

Arthroscopic Shoulder Stabilization Surgery in Bethesda, MD

Shoulder instability is a frustrating and often painful condition in which the shoulder joint slips out of its ball and socket frequently. Usually, the top of the humerus fits neatly into the cavity of the shoulder blade. When you develop a loose shoulder, however, it pops off. This issue can reflect injury to structures in the shoulder, including the rotator cuff and joint capsule. Shoulder dislocation can occur too, which can limit the range of motion for your shoulder and lead to difficulty using your arm.

Are you ready to address your shoulder problem after weeks, months or even years of distress? We offer high-quality shoulder instability surgery in Northern Virginia and Maryland. While we treat shoulder injuries and other issues with non-surgical options initially, surgery is sometimes the right choice to provide a stable and long-lasting solution to shoulder instability.

Our shoulder specialists hold office hours at our Bethesda, MD location, and we’ve built an outstanding reputation with our exceptional surgeons and top-notch staff. We treat all of our patients like part of our family, because that’s what they are. We care about them and sympathize with their frustration over their condition. We also take referrals from primary care physicians.


Symptoms of Shoulder Instability

If you’re not sure whether you have shoulder instability, here are a few signs of the condition:

  • Your shoulder repeatedly gives or pops out of the socket.
  • Your shoulder feels weak and as though it’s not in the right place.
  • You feel pain in the shoulder.

What Happens During Arthroscopic Shoulder Stabilization?

Before moving to surgery, we’ll try more conservative ways to treat shoulder instability, such as physical therapy. If that doesn’t work, arthroscopic shoulder stabilization surgery may be necessary. We’ll conduct X-rays to determine your condition, and we can perform the surgery on an outpatient basis.

During the procedure, we’ll attach suture anchors to the shoulder, which will hold the joints in the shoulder in place. This step prevents further dislocations of the ball and socket. Your shoulder will be immobile for up to six weeks following the surgery.

Why Choose OrthoBethesda for Shoulder Stabilization Surgery?

We’ve performed minimally invasive arthroscopic shoulder instability surgery on many patients. Our vast experience gives us extensive knowledge about the condition and an understanding of your circumstances. We know how frustrating and uncomfortable it can feel when you repeatedly suffer shoulder dislocations, and we want to help you heal.

Our physicians explain every procedure we perform to our patients. We’ll use plain language so that you can understand what’s happening and how our procedure will help address your condition without needing to navigate complicated medical jargon. We’ll also welcome questions to ensure you grasp every part of the surgery.


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