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Latarjet Procedure in Bethesda, MD

Dislocating your shoulder is painful and can lead to other serious issues as well. A dislocated shoulder, which is different from a separated shoulder, occurs when the head of the humerus bone pops out of the shoulder joint. You can sustain a shoulder dislocation when you fall on your shoulder or stretch your arm incorrectly. The majority of shoulder dislocations are classified as anterior, though you can also sustain a superior, inferior or posterior dislocation.

If you suffer frequent shoulder dislocations, you may be a candidate for anterior shoulder instability surgery, which is also referred to as a Latarjet procedure. At OrthoBethesda, we offer high-quality shoulder instability treatment for patients in Bethesda, MD, including Latarjet procedures. Our team has performed many of these surgeries and can walk you through the preparation and recovery.

We want your experience with us to be as pleasant as possible. We understand how frustrating a painful shoulder injury can be, which is why we’ll treat you as though you were part of our own family, offering personalized attention and explaining every step of the procedure in plain language that you can understand.


Symptoms of Shoulder Dislocation

Think you need treatment for a shoulder dislocation? Here are some signs that you’ve suffered this debilitating injury:

  • Extreme pain, which may radiate below the shoulder and down the arm
  • Numbing of the arm
  • Feeling the shoulder slip out of joint

You can often identify displacements visually, which may make the shoulder appear to be square.

What Happens During Anterior Shoulder Instability Surgery?

Before we recommend surgery, we’ll exhaust all other options, such as physical therapy. We prefer to try more conservative methods before surgery. The procedure involves creating a barrier at the front of the shoulder to prevent the shoulder from slipping. We’ll take a piece of bone from another part of the body and fuse it to the front of the shoulder socket. Muscle relocated there will give the shoulder additional stability.

After the procedure, you may experience less range of motion in the shoulder, and it can take up to six months to fully recover from the procedure. The surgery boasts a high success rate and can reduce the likelihood of future shoulder dislocation.

Why Choose OrthoBethesda for a Latarjet Procedure?

There are many benefits to choosing our orthopedic practice for shoulder dislocation treatment. We have an experienced team that has performed many Latarjet procedures and brings vast knowledge of the surgery to each procedure. Our physicians enjoy talking with our patients and answering any questions they have before and after the procedure. We’ll treat you the way we’d want our spouse, child, mother or father treated.

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