10 Tips for Comfortable Summer Surgery Recovery

10 Tips for Surgery Recovery-min

Summer is ideal for getting surgery because you can often take time off for the procedure and recovery time. Enjoy a safe and comfortable recovery by following these 10 surgery recovery tips:

  1. Stay hydrated: Water is the primary way that oxygen and nutrients are delivered to a wound surface. Staying hydrated with water will help your wounds heal faster and reduce post-surgery symptoms like nausea.
  2. Keep cool: Stay cool while you recover by taking lukewarm or cold showers. The showers will help you stay comfortable and keep you clean.
  3. Avoid big bodies of water: While you recover, it’s best not to swim in any water like pools, lakes or the ocean. The properties and microorganisms in these bodies of water could result in infection.
  4. Cover scarring to protect against sun damage: Sun exposure to fresh scarring could lead to permanent dark scarring. Covering any scars will reduce the impact from the sun.
  5. Apply sunscreen to healed scars: Applying sunscreen to healed scars prevents any scars from darkening after being exposed to the sun.
  6. Maintain a healthy diet: Maintaining a healthy diet can help speed up the recovery process. Healing requires extra nutrients and energy, so eating well will give you what you need.
  7. Try physical therapy outside: Enjoy the fresh air while you work through your physical therapy. Fresh air can give you energy and lift your mood while also cleaning out your lungs.
  8. Keep your mind busy: If you can’t be physically active because of your surgery, pick up hobbies that will keep your mind busy. Read books, learn how to crochet or participate in other stimulating activities to keep your mind active.
  9. Get some fresh air: Fresh air is good for your overall health and will help you stay positive. If you can’t go outside, make sure to open your windows to let in the breeze.
  10. Ask for help: You don’t need to go through recovery alone. When you need help, ask a family member or friend to assist you. It’s important to know your limits so you don’t overwork yourself during your time of rest.

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