How to Prevent Soccer Injuries

Dated on: 11/18/2019 | Post By: orthobethesda

Soccer is the most widely played team sport in the world, and is quickly growing in the U.S. As more kids and adults start to play the sport, soccer-related injuries will likely increase. What Are the Most Common Soccer Injuries? The most common soccer injuries are to the lower extremities such as strains and sprains around the knee or ankle. Other injuries that occur while playing soccer include: Overuse injuries: The most frequent soccer overuse injuries are shin splints, Achilles tendinitis (pain at the back of the ankle) and pain in the knee. Stress fractures: These occur when a bone becomes weak [ ... ]

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How to Treat Sesamoiditis at Home

Dated on: 11/04/2019 | Post By: orthobethesda

The sesamoids are special bones in the body. They’re not connected to any other bone at the joint. Instead, they act as pulleys to aid tendon movement. Two of these sesamoids are present under the forefoot near the big toe. Sesamoids in the forefoot help with weight-bearing and lift up the bones of the big toe. But when the tendons around the sesamoids get inflamed, this condition is called sesamoiditis. This ailment is common among baseball players and runners. Let's learn about the symptoms and causes of sesamoiditis, as well as how you can treat this condition at home. Symptoms of Sesamoiditis [ ... ]

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