How Dr. Sridhar Durbhakula Improves Joint Replacement With New Robotic System

Dr Sridhar Durbhakula

At OrthoBethesda, we are always looking for ways to make our patients’ experiences better. We test out new methods and cutting-edge technology to find more efficient approaches to medicine. We’re particularly excited about a new innovation practiced by Sridhar Durbhakula, MD, that makes the joint replacement process better for our patients.

The ROSA Knee System is a robotic joint replacement that provides doctors with greater flexibility to choose a joint implant for each patient. If you are thinking about joint replacement, you should consider the ROSA system and what it can do for you.

What Is the ROSA System?

ROSA is an open-platform system that can work with various types of implants, unlike other robotic systems. It has built-in imaging capabilities, which means doctors no longer have to employ the preoperative imaging that can cost a lot and take up valuable time. The system is smart and adapts to the surgical workflow of each surgeon who uses it.

ROSA can determine the state of the soft tissues, allowing the surgeon to achieve optimal implant positioning. The system also aids with bone resections.



Why Select the ROSA System for Your Surgery?

The benefits of the ROSA System include:

  • Faster recovery times.
  • Greater surgical accuracy.
  • Better implants.

Robotic joint replacement offers a more comfortable recovery when you use the ROSA System. ROSA is designed to be minimally invasive, which means a surgeon can achieve better results than with other surgery methods. The technology creates less bleeding and reduces the amount of muscle pain felt by patients, allowing them to leave the hospital faster.

Plus, with greater flexibility in choosing the implant, surgeons can offer patients an experience with fewer implant limitations. Surgeons can execute their plans, and the system will adapt to their needs during the surgery. The robot provides real-time feedback so that any concerns can be addressed as the surgery proceeds. The accuracy levels from the system improve on those demonstrated by other robotic joint replacement methods.

How Dr. Durbhakula’s Background Helps With the ROSA System

Joint replacement can be complicated, and we always prepare ourselves thoroughly for surgery. Dr. Durbhakula is one of just a small number of surgeons across the country who have used this method. He has an impressive resume, including graduating with honors from Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University.

His focus on pioneering techniques, such as direct anterior hip replacement by using navigation and the Hana table, makes him the perfect candidate to use this innovative technique.

Get in Touch Today to Learn More About Robotic Joint Replacement Surgery

Ultimately, all of the advances we employ at OrthoBethesda are to give our patients the optimal outcomes and improve their experience with us. Robotic-assisted surgery provides less-painful recovery and is safer than the alternatives. We care about accuracy and efficiency, and we know you do, too. If you are a candidate for joint replacement, contact us to request more information about the ROSA System.