How to Alleviate Arthritis Pain With Water Exercises

How to Alleviate Arthritis Pain With Water Exercises

Water exercises for arthritis can replace the gym and alleviate chronic symptoms. For a flexible, full-body workout that reduces joint inflammation and pain levels, underwater workouts are hard to beat!

Why Water Exercise Is Good for Arthritis Pain

A water workout like swimming is good exercise for arthritis. Our natural buoyancy in water makes exercise easier on your joints. By exercising in water, you can improve your mobility, muscle strength and cardiovascular health — which help you feel better out of the pool.

Show up at the pool with the gear you need for a safe workout. Bring a water bottle to keep you hydrated. Water shoes offer extra traction, while floatation vests help keep you afloat. 

Most importantly, listen to your body. Talk to your doctor before starting any water exercises for your arthritis and if you feel pain, stop your workout and take a break.

13 Best Water Exercises for Alleviating Arthritis

If you have arthritis, try the following movements.

1. Walking and Jogging

Stand in chest-deep or waist-deep water and walk or jog normally.

2. Lunges

Stand near a wall and take a deep step forward or to the side, bending so your knee is over your toes. 

3. Sidestepping

Stand facing the wall and take big steps to the side, then back, going in both directions.

4. Arm Raises

Put on arm paddles and stand in the pool, keeping your elbows at 90 degrees. Raise and lower your arms while keeping your elbows bent.

5. Push-Ups

Place your hands on the side of the pool while you’re in the water. Use the strength in your arms, touch your chest to the wall, and push back out.

6. Hip Kickers

Hold onto the pool wall for support. Kick your leg forward to waist-high, keeping your leg straight — repeat on both legs. 

7. Jumping Jacks

Do standard jumping jacks, or make the movement more intensive by holding water dumbbells.

8. Pool Planks

Keeping your feet on the pool floor, hold a pool noddle in front of you and lean forward, keeping your body in a rigid, straight position.

9. Bicycle

Holding onto a kickboard, noodles or the side of the pool, cycle your legs in the water like you’re on a bike. 

10. Standing Knee Lift

Stand at the side of the pool and lift one knee until it’s almost at your hip. Straighten your leg, kicking out forward. Keep kicking with your knee up. Repeat with your other leg.

11. Hacky Sack

Stand in chest-deep water and move your right foot up, bending at the knee, until you tap your right ankle. Alternate legs as quickly as you can.

12. Frog Jumps

In chest-deep water, move your knees quickly up to your armpits and touch your toes with your hands. 

13. Squat Jumps

Bend down in a deep knee forward squat. Keeping your arms out and forward, jump up out of the water, dropping your hands to the sides.

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