Winter Injury Prevention Guide

Winter injury

It’s rather unfortunate that many people suffer needlessly from winter injuries that could easily be prevented. With following these simple winter injury prevention tips, you can enjoy a safe winter season instead of lying down in a recovery bed. Take time to read these helpful tips to prevent injuries in winter from the orthopedic experts at OrthoBethesda.

Avoid Shoveling Injuries

It’s possible to injure the muscles and ligaments of the lower back or shoulders while shoveling snow. Without taking adequate precautions, people can exhaust themselves and suffer from hypothermia and heart strain. To reduce the likelihood of shoveling injuries, you should:

  • Shovel the snow for a short period with frequent breaks in between shoveling sessions
  • Wear footwear with slip-resistant soles
  • Wear layered clothing that will keep you warm without forcing you to sweat
  • Listen to your body’s signs and stop immediately if you notice shortness of breath
  • Use the right shoveling technique by pushing the snow instead of lifting and throwing it

Walk With Care

Many common winter injuries occur when people walk carelessly outdoors in the winter. They don’t anticipate dangerous conditions such as precipitation and hidden ice patches that can cause sudden slips and falls. To avoid this, you should:

  • Always put on shoes with non-slip soles
  • Keep your hands free to give you good balance and help you avoid falling
  • Walk slowly and don’t turn suddenly when you step on ice or slippery surfaces
  • Use railings when you’re walking up and down outdoor stairs
  • Wipe your feet before you enter a building to avoid slipping on the floor inside
  • If you start falling, bend your knees and let your legs absorb the fall to minimize the impact of your fall

Stay Safe During Winter Sports

Winter sports such as skiing are associated with a high risk of injuries. So, take extra precautions to prevent them:

  • Drink enough water and stay hydrated to avoid getting exhausted quickly
  • Don’t get involved in sports when you’re tired or in pain
  • Do warm up exercises before the main event to prevent damage to cold muscles and ligaments
  • Don’t do any winter sports alone so you can get help in an emergency
  • Wear the right protective gear including padding, gloves, helmets and goggles
  • Work with a qualified professional sports instructor or coach and receive instructions before you begin any snow sports
  • Stay abreast of the current weather conditions and take note of any forecasts calling for a severe drop in temperature or storms

Get More Tips on How to Avoid Common Winter Injuries

If you’re planning to go outdoors this winter, then you need to take these precautions and use the tips listed above to prevent injury. Despite your best efforts, however, winter injuries may still occur. So, if you have a winter injury, consult us immediately. Call OrthoBethesda for emergency treatment or to receive more tips on how to prevent or manage winter injuries today.

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