How Dr. Craig Miller Uses New Technology to Improve Shoulder Surgery

Dr Craig Miller

Medicine is constantly evolving. New discoveries and new technology make treatments more efficient. At OrthoBethesda, we believe we should implement these innovations to help our patients to better outcomes.

Craig Miller, MD, now offers Exactech shoulder GPS in his shoulder surgeries to provide greater precision and faster recovery for patients. Dr. Miller specializes in shoulder surgery and has a background in sports medicine. Shoulder surgery has long proved challenging because of the relatively small area around the shoulder compared to larger bones, such as the hip or knee. The Exactech method gives surgeons a better overview when they operate by showing them a bigger picture on a screen.

With the adoption of Exactech shoulder GPS, Dr. Miller can navigate surgery while seeing more of the area surrounding where he is operating. He is one of the first surgeons in the nation to use this impressive tool.

How Does Exactech Shoulder Work?

The technology allows Dr. Miller to create a virtual model of the shoulder he plans to operate on using a computer. He pulls up the model during surgery, giving him a view of where he’s operating and how it relates to the rest of the shoulder. The technology also features a color- and number-coded system to help surgeons make the right moves.

Why Does Exactech Deliver Better Results?

Dr. Miller has noted several benefits to using the Exactech shoulder GPS, including:

  • Faster recovery time for patients.
  • More precise movements.
  • Shorter hospital stays.

All of these advantages relate to one another. Dr. Miller estimates that the surgery comes within 1.5% of perfection. These more precise movements result in a less-invasive surgical procedure, so patients need less time to recover. The less time they need for recovery, the shorter their post-operative stay at the hospital, and the sooner they can be released.

Patients also enjoy cost savings from these improvements. Less post-operative care results in reduced costs. Dr. Miller has noted fewer post-surgery complications for his patients, as well as better long-term outcomes.

The implants also demonstrate greater longevity, which may be tied to their more precise placement. Longer-lasting implants also mean less need for future surgery. Dr. Miller believes Exactech allows surgeons to better reproduce anatomy, leading to more effective implants, too.

Innovation Leads to Surgery Improvement

At OrthoBethesda, we always strive to stay current with new technology that can help us serve our patients more effectively. Dr. Miller learned about Exactech from a former mentor, who helped develop the surgical method. Dr. Miller has worked with many athletes to reconstruct their shoulders, and he was the first in the region to use Exactech. He anticipates the technique could be used with great success for knee surgeries in the future as well.

By pushing to use technology that benefits our patients in many ways, we secure better outcomes for them, too. Are you interested in learning more about Exactech shoulder GPS and how it could make a difference in your life? Reach out to us today to learn more.