Dr. Eric Feuchtbaum Makes Advancements in Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery With Mazor Robotics

dr eric feuchtbaum

Part of our job at OrthoBethesda is finding the best and most advanced treatments for our patients. We keep an eye on developing technology to see what can benefit you the most. We look for new ways to do things that improve on older techniques. Our surgeons love finding different ways to serve our patients and deliver better results.

Eric Feuchtbaum, MD, has been at the forefront of finding ways to use robotic spine surgery. He has adopted the Mazor X Stealth™ method after seeing the immense benefits it offers for patients. Using robotics in spine surgery increases precision and decreases recovery time, two things our patients love to see.

The Benefits of Robotic Spine Surgery

At OrthoBethesda, we’ve seen how using robotics in spine surgery can improve outcomes and give surgeons greater flexibility. We appreciate the chance to exert control over the procedure in ways we may not be able to when we use traditional methods. Every opportunity for surgery is a chance to learn more about what works in the system and how to provide better outcomes for our patients.

The Mazor robotic system encourages surgeons to plan and use robotic guidance to achieve a better outcome. The combination of artificial intelligence and the skill and knowledge of the surgeon leads to outstanding work. Features of the guidance include 3D analytics and optimal implant trajectories, as well as up to 100% screw placement accuracy. These factors allow Dr. Feuchtbaum to optimize results.

He wants patients to get the best outcome in their spinal surgery. Other benefits of using robotic spine surgery include:

  • Predictability: Knowing exactly what will be cut and how gives the surgeon greater control over the procedure.
  • Precision: The surgeon can place pedicle screws according to a plan developed for the particular patient. By planning ahead, we can eliminate guesswork while the surgery is happening.
  • Visibility: The surgeon sees their progress in real time using stealth navigation technology. This technology allows us to gauge the next steps while knowing what has been completed successfully.
  • Adaptability: The surgeon can change tactics at any time to meet surgical goals.

Robotic methods can assist doctors with anticipating issues before they arise. When a surgeon sees something that may happen, they can adjust their approach immediately rather than having to react to something that’s already happened. This technology makes for a safe, effective means of treatment that puts the patient’s comfort and needs first.

Dr. Eric Feuchtbaum’s Expertise

Dr. Feuchtbaum focuses on patients with orthopedic spine conditions, and he has always fostered an interest in cutting-edge technology. He has presented research at the national level and received fellowship training at New York’s prestigious Hospital for Special Surgery. His unique insights have helped our practice embrace robotic spinal surgery and all the ways it can help our patients.

Is Mazor robotic spine surgery right for you? Contact our office to learn more about the options offered by Dr. Feuchtbaum. You can also book an appointment today.

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