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8 Signs To Know If You Need Hip Replacement Surgery

Dated on: 04/03/2019 | Post By: orthobethesda

An ailing hip can make doing the things you love uncomfortable or even impossible. If you're struggling with hip pain or stiffness that prevents you from performing your normal, everyday activities, you may find that hip replacement surgery could have a profound impact on your life — relieving your painful symptoms and increasing your mobility and ability to function. However, for some, conservative treatments are completely sufficient. How Do You Know If You Need a Hip Replacement? How do you know the right option for you? Let's take a look at eight signs that will help you decide if you need hip [ ... ]

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How Much Does Physical Therapy Cost?


If you need relief from chronic pain or you’re experiencing limited mobility in any of your joints, a physical therapist (PT) can hasten your recovery. You may also receive a referral to a PT after going through a surgical procedure. The cost of physical therapy [ ... ]

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Spine Surgery: When It Works and When It Doesn’t


According to statistics from the American Chiropractic Association, up to 80% of adults will experience back pain at some point in their life. That back pain accounts for more than 264 million missed workdays a year and is the third most common reason for doctor visits. Our [ ... ]

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How to Prevent ACL Injuries


Thousands of ACL injuries occur across the United States — mainly among athletes. But if you learn effective ACL injury prevention methods, you may avoid intense pain, enjoy a full sports season and prevent a rigorous procedure. At OrthoBethesda, we’re active promoters of preventive sports [ ... ]

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Top Reasons You Should See a Certified Hand Therapist


A hand therapist is a physical therapist or occupational therapist who has spent years studying and learning how to treat patients with ailments affecting the hands, wrist, elbow, shoulders and other parts of the upper limbs. A qualified hand therapist may also meet the criteria [ ... ]

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How to Prevent Concussions for Every High Impact Sport


According to the Brain Injury Research Institute (BIRI), athletes in the United States experience anywhere from 1.6 to 3.8 million recreation and sports-related concussions each year. This shocking statistic isn't just a number. Behind each concussion, there are concerned parents watching in the stands, worried teammates and coaches [ ... ]

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What Makes a Good Physical Therapist?


A physical therapist helps you relieve pain, restore mobility and restore the function of any injured part of your body. Therapists play an important role in reducing the time needed for recovery. To be a good physical therapist, you need to be kind and patient, [ ... ]

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5 Foods That Can Relieve Your Joint Pain


If you have frequent joint pain, you can reduce your pain and inflammation by improving your diet. You may ask, "What foods help with joint pain?" Certain foods can help relieve joint pain caused by arthritis, inflammation and trauma. While you may not like all [ ... ]

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The Real Dangers of Flip-Flops


It’s the telltale sign that summer has arrived — when flip-flops become the go-to footwear on every pair of feet. While you cling to your favorite pair of open shoes for convenience and comfort, experts cringe at the idea of people wearing them daily. While [ ... ]

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10 Steps to Achieving Better Posture


There are many benefits of good posture, like helping you avoid back and neck pain. Improving your posture also enhances circulation and digestion while allowing you to breathe properly. At OrthoBethesda, we sometimes receive inquiries for posture surgery. But we prefer to help you learn [ ... ]

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How Toe Implant Surgery Treats Osteoarthritis


Osteoarthritis is a disease that causes thinning of the cartilage in your joint. If you have osteoarthritis at the base of your big toe, it can cause the joint to become stiff and painful, making it difficult to stand, walk or run. Implant surgery for osteoarthritis offers a less[ ... ]

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Bilateral Knee Replacement Recovery Tips


When you have a bilateral knee replacement, the recovery phase plays a vital role in helping you resume normal activities quickly. The recovery and rehab process can help you heal faster after surgery and improve the long-term outcome of the surgery. Here we discuss the[ ... ]

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Types of Bursitis


Bursitis is a painful ailment affecting your joints. Fluid-filled sacs known as bursae act as a cushion between your tendons, bones, muscles and joints. Inflammation of these sacs is called bursitis. It's a fairly common condition, but many individuals treat inflammation of the bursa at home and[ ... ]

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Common Snow Shoveling Injuries


Shoveling snow can be a daunting task during the winter months. Injuries such as shoulder and lower back pain occur frequently. In more severe cases, slips on ice, bone fractures, hypothermia and heart-related ailments may occur. With some preparation, you can prevent these injuries. At[ ... ]

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Top of Foot: Treatment Tips for Fracture, Sprain or Strain


Acute injuries such as fractures, strains and top of the foot sprains can occur in people of all ages. Anyone can experience a twist in the ankle, which can cause intermittent sharp pain on the top of the foot. Let's look at how to identify each[ ... ]

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Types of Rotator Cuff Tears


If you've had any kind of shoulder discomfort, chances are you've heard about rotator cuff injuries and the pain and complications they can bring on. Your shoulder joint is an extremely complex body part that allows your arm to have its remarkable range of motion.[ ... ]

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Why College & High School Athletes Need Sports Medicine


Did you know that physical therapy can help your young athlete deal with pains and sudden sports injuries? A physical therapist can help your athlete do special exercises that strengthen the ligaments, muscles, tendons and joints. Your child will be able to recover faster and[ ... ]

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Common Reasons Why Physical Therapy Is Important


Physical therapy improves mobility and function in athletes and the elderly who have injuries, illnesses or medical conditions. Not everyone likes physical therapy, though. People sometimes opt for surgery because they believe it's a faster and more effective method of treating their conditions. However, one[ ... ]

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Arthritis vs. Arthrosis – What’s the Difference?


Arthritis and arthrosis are similar conditions. In fact, the two ailments have several things in common. They share similar symptoms and affect your joints, ligaments and bones. But when you're considering arthritis vs. arthrosis, it's important to know the key distinctions between both conditions. What[ ... ]

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